Effects Of Drug Abuse on Nigerian Youths

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Effects Of Drug Abuse on Nigerian Youths

As a child grows up and gets to be aware of his or her environment, some of the things that is common is that the youngster will like to explore the environment he or she finds himself.

Effects Of Drug Abuse on Nigerian Youths

Out of exploration, the child will be exposed to opportunities to make choices amongst which is not properly guided, the child will be exposed to the negative attitudes that could mar his or her personality. One of the bad thing the child gets exposed to is drug abuse or addiction.

Drug abuse or addiction is defined as act of habitually, consistently and perpetually taking in illegal drugs and drugs that are harmful to the body. The intake of overdoes drugs cannot be left out of this too.

In a bid to find temporal relief from some worries of life, most people subscribe for use of drugs. This drugs in turn causes more damage to them than they expect and ultimately paralyzes their mental ability to constructively handle a matter.

Some drugs that are considered to be illegal drugs include but are not limited to; Blunt, Hop, weed, coke, hash oil, boom, laudanum, China white, cocaine, black stuff, gum, joint bud, smoke, cheese, block big o, junk, white horse, paregoric, gangster, skunk, bump c, candy crack, bud, brown sugar, petrol, toot, snow, herb, marijuana etc.

Effects Of Drug Abuse on Nigerian Youths

Memory challenges: a person who take in drugs will always have memory loss, he or she will not remember things easily. This often leads to something more serious later on in life.

Loss Of Lives And Properties

When a person is taking in illicit substances, the person sooner or later becomes controlled by the substance that he consumes and this leads to the destruction of properties.

The person gets courage to threaten anyone whether he is right or wrong because he is controlled by what he took into his body.

Weak Immune System

Every man’s immune system is built to fight off external impurities by default when a person takes in illicit substances, the deadly substance goes in to the body and weaken the defense walls of the body thereby making such a person prone to any little sickness.

Domestic Violence

One thing that promotes domestic violence such as besting one’s spouse, or child abuse is the use of illegal drugs. Children have been victims many time when they are raised by parents who abuse drugs, the parents come back home already intoxicated and begin to misbehave even before them even to the point if sexually molesting the kids.

Abnormal development

Men who take in some of these hard drugs are prone to grow bigger breasts which is an abnormal thing for a man to have. This degrades the man as mean were not originally designed to have big breasts.

Short life span

Drug abusers have no hope of living long. Just like smokers are liable to die young, drug abusers are twice at the risk of premature death.

These hard drugs may offer temporal pleasure but the adverse effects of taking in those drugs can demean a person. Listed above are just some of the effects, there are a thousand other effects to taking harmful substances into one’s body.

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