BNaijaDay 37: Shella sailing on Red Sea

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After the seventh Live Eviction Show of this season, feelings were running high. Table-shaking by Ebuka caused multiple altercations in the House. Sheggz, who may have sensed the intensity permeating the House, used the occasion to air his grievance against Bella, using Doyin as their go-between.

Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate

The biggest argument was that Bella didn’t put as much effort into their relationship as Sheggz did. He complained to Doyin that he was sick of carrying Bella’s relationship while she was content to coast. Bella insisted on wanting to take a shower despite Sheggzy telling Doyin that all he wanted was to spend some time with her.

What started as a mediation escalated into an argument between the shippers which saw Doyin taking the back seat as they both voiced out their grievances about each other. Bella, who was frustrated by not being able to get through to Sheggz tried to explain herself, “We are always here and missing out on things in the House. The hot water was going to be turned off and I wanted to shower, is it wrong?” Doyin tried to get Sheggz to see to reason explaining that Bella’s point was valid since all the Housemates had limited time to use the hot water.

Sheggz remained adamant in his assertion that, aside from the water problem, Bella is frequently inattentive to his requirements. Eventually, Bella rose from her bed and walked away, ending their argument abruptly.

A few hours later, Sheggz expressed his remorse to Bella for the way he handled the situation between them and for letting his emotions get the better of him. Bella expressed her love for him in response to his apology. Peace was reestablished on the Shella ship after the two made up.

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