BBNaija: Sheggz tells Bella she is “disrespectful”

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Sheggz and Bella had an intense conversation today about how he feels disrespected by Bella. This adds to another complaint where he felt Bella is not putting in as much effort as he is in their relationship. He is currently unsatisfied due of a chat Sheggz and Doyin had. He revealed to Doyin that Bella claimed that even if their relationship doesn’t work out, other men will still be watching her on television.

Sheggz tells Bella she is disrespectful

Sheggz took offence to this and made the decision to talk to her about it. Sheggz almost left the room as the conversation got rather heated.

Bella was serenely perched on the edge of the bed in the bedroom, and Sheggz was standing and speaking the majority of the time. Bella was unable to understand what she might have done wrong when Sheggz called her disrespectful. Sheggz was even more upset by this because her actions went unrecognised.

“It is just your aura and your energy,” Sheggz said to Bella, as he explained how she disrespects him. He made an analogy of a box that she should know not to step in because she should know that stepping in the box is wrong.

Bella persisted in sitting on the side of the bed, avoiding eye contact as though receiving a reprimand. Sheggz even remarked that she will probably realise her mistakes as she grew older.

Sheggz’s go-to response when he and Bella disagree is to leave her and return to London. Bella was fed up today and asked him to stop threatening to leave after apologising for disrespecting him and reminding him that she is not compelled to stay.

“Can’t people get to London? Is it impossible?” Bella asked Sheggz. Bella eventually told Sheggz that she has a voice in this relationship and has been a mumu for too long.

The two later reconciled, although Sheggz continued to describe her character as disrespectful. Bella said she will respect him when she knows how he is outside the House.

“You must lower your tone when you talk to me”, Sheggz told Bella at the Kitchen Table as they shared a meal of noodles. The pair later fought about her aggressive responses when Sheggz mentioned that she hates someone in the House. Sheggz called her crazy for always reacting like that and for her constant readiness to fight.

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