BBNaija Day 23: Eloswag wins HoH once again

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When it comes to the HoH Games, Level 1 Housemates have kept up a winning trend, and they didn’t let us down this week either as Eloswag took home the victory once more. As he put together what Biggie referred to as “a simple jigsaw puzzle,” Eloswag won with the swiftest hands and most angular eyes. The fact that the Level 2 Housemates have been leaving for the past two weeks because of the win continues to be a significant disadvantage for them. After Christy O and Cyph were the first to be booted from the list, Khalid and Ilebaye are the most recent two to enter.

Eloswag emerges BBNaija Season 7 First Head of House

The fact that Beauty was also eliminated from the competition for acting violently toward Ilebaye and Grovy, respectively, is a major setback for them. Their impact from this victory is significant.

The Game Proper

Another week, the Level Up Housemates met in the Arena for the HoH Games. As of today, Level 2 Housemates has nine Housemates instead of the usual two men. Following Adekunle’s exclusion as the current HoH, Biggie gave them instructions on how to play the game as they assembled in the arena.

The Housemates were initially handed a pail full of puzzle components. The jigsaw puzzle was to be finished in seven minutes. Ninjas would position a few images in the centre of where they were standing to demonstrate to them a picture of the finished puzzle.


The buzzer sounded, and the Housemates began assembling the puzzle, some more slowly than others.

When the buzzer rang out once more, Biggie instructed the housemates to stop moving. Following his advice, Deji offered a brief prayer and was subsequently disqualified for disobedience.

Bryann, Diana, Daniella, Pharmsavi, Hermes, and Eloswag were the top six Housemates with nearly finished puzzles. After being given a minute to do the puzzle, they got to work.

The other housemates followed after Eloswag finished the puzzle by lifting his paper first. Bryann, Hermes, and Eloswag advanced to the next round, while Diana, Daniella, and Pharmsavi were ordered to sit down.

The three Housemates had to count how many sticks there were in the handful of sticks supplied to them for the following game. They everyone conducted a count and recorded their results.

The winner would be the Housemate with the closest number, and that was Eloswag, who had the number 390 and there were 450 sticks in the group.

After winning the first HoH Game, Eloswag was declared the winner and retained the title.The Level 1 Housemates will have a HoH for the fourth time. Hermes and Adekunle followed Eloswag before he continued with it once more.

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