10 Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria

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10 Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria

Hello there, before reading or criticizing the article, you need to understand why we gave these courses the ‘the worst course’ tag. We have narrowed the narration to be unique to Nigeria. Time is also key; Courses that were lucrative back then may have lost value because of how everything has evolved. Another key factor here is the need of the general public; there are courses that are limited in scope which means that it is specific to a particular group of people. Hence, when we say a course is “worst” we are not looking at its secondary scope but its relevancy.

10 Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria


The importance of exercise and physical training can not be overemphasized. However, in Nigeria, a country where everybody thinks they can do it all, the course is not really lucrative with little or no job opportunities. Hence, choosing a career in physical and health education is not really what you will want to do in a country like Nigeria.


Social Studies is another course that is not really rated in this part of the world. Truth is, the only safe path to graduates of social studies is the teaching sector. Hence, one needs to possess an educational course in order to stand a better chance. Therefore, a degree in social studies education is preferable. Even with this, your chance of a comfortable earning is low.


I’m sure you are surprised about this one! But truth be told, Nigeria’s entertainment industry is highly competitive which brings the question of talent to the spotlight. it is about what you do, and how well you can do it, not really about the papers. Graduates of performing or theatre arts even stand a better chance in the industry.


In a country where there are few or no libraries? This explains the reasons the course is redundant in this part of the world. The reality is that graduates who study this course have only an option of academic appointments and having to lecture in a college.


Maybe, if it were other developed countries, graduates of Crop science would have had a better chance of getting their careers up and running, but in this part of the world, it is what it is. Agricultural farmers in Nigeria are looked down with many preferring machines to humans. Maybe, one day, when we look deep, graduates of this course will start smiling.


Horticulture is the systematic process of cultivating plants mainly for food, materials, comfort, and beauty.  Horticulturists have a work to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables, and plants for ornament and fancy.


Anthropologists specialize in the study of humans and how they behave in society at large. In Nigeria, the course is not really lucrative in this part of the world.


Graduates of Home economics focus on the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. As an isolated course, people rarely get employed in a big company, if they are, the pay will not be exciting.


Expected, this course falls into the list of the worst courses to study in Nigeria. Usually, graduates of this course end up as teachers of Christian Religious studies, and probably as pastors. Naturally, the course is limited which makes it not lucrative.


Geography is an exciting course, but in this part of the world, it is less lucrative hence falling to the worst courses to study on Nigeria’s side of the divide.


Botany students study plants and how it evolves. The chances of being employed with a degree in Botany are very low, particularly in this part of the world.


Zoology to many students is always regarded as a second choice. They switch in here when all does are shut.  The course has to do with the study and science of animals. In a country that does not appreciate wildlife, the course falls into the worst course to study in Nigeria.

With this said, scoring high in Jamb is key to avoiding this side of the story. Everyone will want to study the best course in the world, not the worst. However, if you are already part of this list of the worst course in the world, you just have to be creative and avoid being limited. 

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