AAUA Pre Degree Past Question and Answers PDF

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AAUA Pre Degree Past Question and Answers PDF

We have the complete Adekunle Ajasin University Pre Degree past questions and answers for you. Assuming you are getting ready for the pre-degree exams that is fast approaching and maybe searching for AAUA past questions and answers then, you most certainly will have it here.

We’ve seen instances in the past where students complain of bad results from the exams. They were not aware of the benefits of studying with past question answers. I must tell you, the only sure way to passing this exams in just one sitting is by having a copy of AAUA past questions and answers. Students who used this study material testifies of how it helped them to achieve good success.

By getting this past questions you do no have to worry about using pen and paper and carrying large notes around. All of these have no place anymore in this era of computer-based examination. Wherever and Anytime you are you can study with this educational material and it will help you to be super sufficient for the exams as it is easy to carry around in soft copy and study at anytime.

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Why you need AAUA Pre Degree Past Question and Answers Pdf Download

Past questions exposes you to the pattern of questions. The exams time, key topics to focus more and unimportant ones. While using past questions try to accurately endeavor 60% or a greater amount of every year’s questions.

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Sample of AAUA Pre Degree Past Question and Answers pdf Download

1. Which of the following represents an aromatic compound

(a ) CoH5oH (b) CoH12 (c) CoHoOH (d) CoH8

2. A compound contains 31.91% potassium, 28.93A chlorine and the rest oxygen. What is ‘tie chemical formular of the compound? 25cm of o.2moldm’3 solution of Na2CO3 requires 20ciii3 of a solution of HC1 for neutralization. The concentration of the CR1 solution is

a) 0.Smoldm3 (b) 0.(nnoldm3 (c) 0.2nioldm3 (d) 0.4moldm3

3. A gas X diffuses twice as fast as gas y under the same conditions. If the relative molecular mass of x is 28, calculate the relative molecular mass of y.

(a) 112 (b) 120 (c) 56 (d) 14.

4. Which of the following ion is acidic?

(a) K+ (b) N03 (c) S2 (d) H304

5. In the electrolysis of a concentrated solution of sodium chloride at the cathode and the anode respectively?

(a) Na4 and Cl’ (b) Na4 and 0H (c) H4 and 0H (d) W and Ci

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