UNIJOS Remedial Past Questions and Answers PDF

UNIJOS Remedial Past Questions and Answers PDF

We have the complete and up-to-date University of Jos Remedial Past Questions and Answers for you. The sample is absolutely free. Assuming, you are planning to gain admission into the UNIJOS Remedial programme and maybe searching for past questions and answers pdf that will help and guide you in the exams. Then, you most certainly will have it here.

Unijos remedial past questions and amswers

This questions are usually pattern the same way and you will practise for Twenty (20) questions from English Language Four (4) questions from Biology Four (4) questions from Physics Four (4) questions from Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer or as may be decided in the post utme screening committee according to our choice of study.

This past questions will help you to score extremely high even over the department’s cut-off mark. Before, there have been cases were a candidate scores high but does not get admission. No need to fear because this does not happen anymore since admission is given to student by Jamb base on your score. We trust that if you score well in the exams you will get admission into the university for remedial Programme.

Why you need UNIJOS Remedial Past Questions and Answers

Past questions assists you with understanding which topics are a higher priority than others. In doing such, you invest more energy on the questions that are more significant and give you a larger number of success than others. This strategy can help you assuming you have little time left in the exams.

Sample of UNIJOS Remedial Past Questions and Answers in pdf format

1. Which of the following represents an aromatic compound

(a ) CoH5oH (b) CoH12 (c) CoHoOH (d) CoH8

2. A compound contains 31.91% potassium, 28.93A chlorine and the rest oxygen. What is ‘tie chemical formular of the compound? 25cm of o.2moldm’3 solution of Na2CO3 requires 20ciii3 of a solution of HC1 for neutralization. The concentration of the CR1 solution is

a) 0.Smoldm3 (b) 0.(nnoldm3 (c) 0.2nioldm3 (d) 0.4moldm3

3. A gas X diffuses twice as fast as gas y under the same conditions. If the relative molecular mass of x is 28, calculate the relative molecular mass of y.

(a) 112 (b) 120 (c) 56 (d) 14.

4. Which of the following ion is acidic?

(a) K+ (b) N03 (c) S2 (d) H304

5. In the electrolysis of a concentrated solution of sodium chloride at the cathode and the anode respectively?

(a) Na4 and Cl’ (b) Na4 and 0H (c) H4 and 0H (d) W and Ci

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