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Visa Free Countries For Nigerians? Sorry to burst your bubble and shatter your chandelier, but you should not always visit Dubai, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Instead, look for attractive areas that do not need you to stand in long lines and wake your children at 5 a.m. to be number 150.

Try something beautiful and unique. Try something different and relax. Willing to hear them? You would be surprised to learn how many destinations you can visit. Getting a direct flight there is the only obstacle, but that can be overcome:

Visa Free Countries For Nigerians



First, of course, Rihanna’s home country is visa-free for six months, but we’re discussing a holiday, not a permanent move, right? So you are in the correct location. If you are a travel addict who is captivated by nature and history, you’ll enjoy this book. Barbados possesses both this and Rihanna. Be sure to explore the Harrison Cave, Bathsheba, Animal Flower Cave, and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, to name a few, when you arrive. Visit St. Nicholas Abbey, The Parliament Buildings, George Washington House, or The Barbados Museum and Historical Society if natural attractions aren’t your thing. That is satisfactory. Include it on your list. Never rule out meeting Rihanna; never say never.


Seychelles is one of our favorite places. If you ask us, destination weddings are the way to go. This island group and republic in the Indian oceans issues a one-month visitor’s permission upon arrival, and the concept of being on an island seems surreal. Throughout recorded history, Seychelles has always been referred to as “uninhabited.” Whoever discovered this so-called “Paradise on Earth” given us a reason to include it on our list. Visit whenever you can the Adelaide studio, Cousin Island Special Reserve, Ile Cocos Marine National Park, Kenwyn House, Kreole Institute, and so much more. Some tropical delights for the summer, if you like.


In addition to being visa-free for 30 days upon arrival, the Maldives are a delight to behold. If you’ve got it, flaunt it: tourism is the most important economic sector in Maldives. It is home to Mulee-aage Palace, the National Museum, the Islamic Center, Hithadoo, and Gan. Thus, scuba diving and sightseeing, you understand? It looks like a lot of fun, so pack your swimsuits and head to Maldives; perhaps you can even try scuba diving. In addition to the dazzling coastline, you should not miss out on this.


It is in Kenya, and you would definitely adore it there. Visit your continent more often and witness things you only see in Hollywood movies right here in Africa. There are the South Coast Beaches, the North Coast Beaches, Old Town, Fort Jesus, and Haller Park, among others. You will not regret doing this trip. Visa exemption for 90 days upon entry.

Fiji Island

Have you heard of Navua River? It is located on the island of Fiji. The Kula Eco Park and the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple are also recommended. Presume you wish to visit now? What is your excuse for not feasting your eyes on the beauty that nature has been so kind as to provide? The country in the Oceania does not charge for the first four months of entry. Just enough time to familiarize yourself with the wonderful Island.


In East Africa, it is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania. It is available to Nigerians for 90 days following arrival, adding yet another wonderful deal to your list. Stone Town, Paje, Bweju, Jambiani, and Nunwi can be visited. You have so many options for travel destinations; have a blast! You have 90 days to travel Zanzibar, and Zanzibar would be delighted to accommodate you.


Did you know that during the medieval time, the island of Mauritius was visited by Arabs and Portuguese, who gave it the names Dina Arobi and Cirne, respectively? This is merely an interesting fact about the island you will soon visit. The Tamarind Waterfalls, Eureka House, Ganga Talao, Black River Gorges National Park, Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden, and Trou aux Cerfs are among the places of importance in Mauritius. Travel to Mauritius and make lasting moments.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is visa free on arrival. Not only do you not have to stand in that line, but you also get to visit beautiful places with wonderful people. Be sure to thank us upon your return. So, when you arrive in Cape Verde, brush up on your Portuguese and explore Boa Vista, Praia, Sao Vicente, Pico do Fogo, Monte Curral, and Santa Isabel, among other destinations you can reach on foot.


Haiti, the country of Wyclef Jean, offers Nigerians visa-free entry for three months upon arrival. Despite the disaster that inspired the song “We Are the World,” Haiti is just as lovely as the other nations on the list. You would be ecstatic that you finally visited this gorgeous country. Visit the National Museum of Art, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Etang Saumatre, Sans Soucci Palace, Iron Market, Bassin Bleu, and many other attractions.


Not the animated film, but the country; perhaps you can relate to the country based on the film. The 90-day visa-on-arrival granted to Nigerians is sufficient for tourism in any country. What do you think? There are countless places to visit in Madagascar, but here are a few: Zahamena National Park, Isalo National Park, Nosy Mangabe, Cape Sainte Marie, Amber National Park, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and many others. You’ve probably noticed the seemingly unending number of national parks and tourist sites in Haiti.

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