Top 7 Best Heic to JPG Converter

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If you are looking for a high-quality one-click photo converter with the possibility to batch convert files as well as make some basic edits, then check out this list of the best HEIC to JPG converters.

When it comes to converting HEIC (Apple) photos to regular JPG images, you ought to choose the tool that provide you perfect results. This is why we created this post that in which you encounter with the list of best HEIC to JPG converter tools that lets you save HEIC as JPG image file.

Did you Know!

Account the below-mentioned tools to convert heic pictures to JPG files in batches and even lets you make further editing for certain purposes. Besides that, a use of free HEIC to JPG converter by lets you preserves original quality while turning HEIC file into JPG graphic file for free of cost.


Pixillion developed best and powerful HEIC to JPG converter that not only allow you to convert heic photos to jpegs conversion, but also handle other formats. Although its interface is outdated, still understandable, just couple of clicks involves to make conversions.

Additionally, this image converter lets you resize HEIC images without compromising on the quality. Even you encounter with a wide array of effects that includes popular Instagram styles (pastel, coffee, dramatic, contrast, and B&W). This is why, it is referred to as the best HEIC photo to JPG converter.

Why Pixillion?

  • It supports rich format
  • Lets you proceed with advanced functionalities
  • Packed with certain trimming options
  • Loaded with a abundance effects


FonePaw is indicated as a famous file converter software that works best for both Windows and macOS platforms. This HEIC to JPG converter loaded with a attractive and user-friendly interface, which means it becomes easy to perform conversions from HEIC to JPG images. The main screen packed with a transparent field through which you can make drag and drop and even upload a HEIC file.

Once you import your file, you could easily adjust the conversion settings, make settings for the original files, correct and add EXIF data and much more. Moreover, the heic file to JPG converter has a fairly convenient to process batch files conversion, which will saves your time and effort.

Why FonePaw?

  • Loaded with sleek interface
  • Lets you proceed with quick batch files conversion
  • 100% free
  • Allow you to process heic to jpg images conversion on Windows and macOS


Now Heic photos to JPEG image files conversion is only couple of clicks away with this online web-based medium. This platform loaded with certain image converters that lets you make different photos formats transformation for free of cost. You can visit this online platform and fetch its best online HEIC to JPG converter to export .heic images as JPG files without impacting on the quality of the resultant images.

Moreover, it lets you deal with batch heic files to JPG images conversions within fraction of seconds. You just require to add heic image files into toolbox, hit convert button and allow this converter to provided you high quality converted JPEG images.

Why theonlineconverter?

  • 100% free tools available
  • All tools are available for batch files conversion
  • Full-fledged interface, means easy to understand
  • No sacrifice on the quality while converting HEIC photos to JPGs


Movavi is the perfect converter that mainly built on the basis of AI technology. This HEIC to JPG converter packed with a straight-forward interface that lets you convert HEIC to JPG while preserving the original quality. Its terrific AI algorithms will swift-up the conversion process, and even works best to process files in batches. Apart from images, you can be able to convert videos and GIF graphic files to any compatible file format.

Once the conversion is done, you could use editing tools to resize, fill in EXIF data that includes geolocation, add filters, make basic color adjustments and more. Remember that if the basic tools are not enough to process, you can fetch full-fledged Movavi Photo Editor, improve or replace the background, and much more.

Why Movavi?

  • It is loaded with a powerful EXIF management options
  • Provided you with lossless conversion
  • Its AI technologies will accelerated your work
  • Best HEIC to JPG converter that offers batch mode


Although Ezgif is mainly designed to deal with GIF files, but it also loaded with online HEIC to JPG converter to convert HEIC to JPG and PNG raster graphic files. However, its interface is outdated, still provided you with high quality results. Besides that, once you converted files, you can be able to crop, resize, rotate, and even add text to images. Even it lets you proceed with watermark that protect your intellectual property from stealing.

Why Ezgif?

  • Fully integrated with basic editing features
  • Swift conversions from heic to jpg
  • User-friendly interface for ease
  • Does not distort the file size while converting HEIC photos to JPGs


iMazing is another cross-platform online HEIC to JPG converter that assists you to export heic as jpg image file within fraction of seconds. It is packed with a fully drag and drop interface, which means you can fetch files from your iPhone’s gallery folder and simply add them to the designed area.

This handy editor keeps all EXIF metadata, even you can consider it on both on Windows and Mac computers. This HEIC to JPG converter is completely free and assists you to convert entire albums for a streamlined workflow.

Why iMazing?

  • Loaded with mobile version
  • Provided you with high quality converted images
  • Batch conversion mode for heic to jpg conversions
  • Lets you proceed with intuitive workflow

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