Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

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Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

We are in a world where we connect to our loved ones who are far away through the internet. Most of what we do now involves social media or internet.

It could be frustrating when you are trying to make a research on something or reach out to someone who you are in love with and the internet is so slow.

I feel terribly bad when I am trying to do something online and the internet is damn too slow. I am very sure you would feel that way too. This article reveals the top 20 fastest internet in Nigeria.

This article would put a smile on your face as you would know what to do to prevent you being worried or frustrated when using the internet.

Top 20 Fastest Internet Service Provider in Nigeria

1. Smile communication

As the name is, so is the internet. It makes you smile. It has a fast and high-quality 4G LTE mobile network and it’s available to the people of Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. This is amazing. If you stay in these location mentioned. You should use smile communication.

2. Swift

Swift is good for business. It’s one of the best and reliable internet provider we have in Nigeria. It’s very swift. It was well known as at 2021. They launched the highly celebrated 4G lite broadband in Nigeria. If you are planning to have a business enterprise. This is a sure bet for you.

3. IPNix

It offers fast and reliable telecommunication service to its user.

4. Elite broadband Nigeria

It runs unlimited internet service in Nigeria.

5. Syscomptech

You can count on this internet provider to give you exactly the service you need.

6. Cityfibre

It actually cut across VSAT and fibre optics. Apparently, Cityfibre offers the most fantabulous ISP support in Nigeria.

7. Galaxy Backbone

It’s government owned service provider. You can count on this service provider as well.

8. MainOne

It serves it customers in Nigeria. It’s one of the fastest internet provider. It provides high quality cloud service.

9. Cobranet Nigeria

This internet service was launched in 2003 yet limited as it is available in only three state in Nigeria (Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja).

10. Suburban West Africa

It’s the leading and best internet provider in Nigeria.

11. Netcom Africa

It comes with highly expensive internet service plans yet provide a very fast internet service.

12. Globacom

Their plan is one of the cheapest and most affordable. It’s an indeginous and one of the leading service provider in Nigeria.

13. Airtel

In Nigeria, artel is one of the most recognize telecommunication in Nigeria. The connection is of high quality, affordable and quite fast.

14. MTN

When you talk about MTN you are sure to know that it’s one of the Gsm company Nigeria is proud to have. By using the broadband service, this would be available for you as well: you stand the chance to enjoy superfast HD Video Streaming, Video download, high-quality voice calls and much more.

15. VoDlte

Do you need an internet to harness the technologies that are emerging? VolDte is a sure bet for you. We can’t mention 20 fastest internet service without this.

16. 9mobile

9 mobile was known as Etisalat before. They are sure to provide affordable and reliable service to their customers.

17. Ntel

Have you seen a flash before? Lol. Ntel is so fast and reliable. This article can’t be complete without this.


It’s highly popular and celebrated and its heavy wireless network to offer disruptive, high quality, fast and unlimited internet service across the country.

19. Cyberspace

This broadband agency has been in the industry since 1995. Plus, Cyberspace unleashed its 4GLTE infrastructure in 2014

20. Spectranet

This is the last on the list of fastest internet in Nigeria. It is one of the first Information, Communication and Technology Company to introduce 4G LTE, Spectranet is only accessible in Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

We hope you can now save yourself from complaining about poor internet network. You can give us a feedback regarding the article.

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