Top 10 School Of Nursing In Nigeria – With Their Details

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Find the best school of nursing to brush out the genius in you.

Going through the top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria will really help you make the right decision on which school to go for. Nursing is a very prestigious line of study to go for.

The role of a nurse can never be over emphasized anywhere around the world as the life and health of people in a particular society is largely dependent on the number of medical personnel’s that they can boast of, more particularly, the number of nurses they have.

As a result of this, people who are drawn towards humanitarian services and also people like you who want to give back to their community always decide to go for this course as it helps bring out the angel in them.

But then, in a country like Nigeria where education is not prioritized as it should be, it is difficult to find standard schools that really do justice to this profession. Most of the medical schools around only have theoretical classes for their students and little or no practical classes to help them become the best at what they do.

This is very painful as this is how half baked graduates are produced in the name of nurses, endangering the life of the masses.

But then, do not worry because, the presence of fake tells us that the real original is out there somewhere.

The presence of these substandard schools actually tells us that there are actually schools out there that live up to their name.

As a result of these inconsistencies in our educational system, I took out time to compile this list of top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria so as to avoid you making a mistake that would cost you many wasted years.

This list of top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria is based on two major criteria s, they are

A) Most sought after schools. We are going to look for one that has more students.
B) And also, the most equipped schools of all.

Top 10 School Of Nursing In Nigeria Include:

1. School Of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

You can’t mention school of nursing in Nigeria without mentioning this school. With an aim of producing nurses of international standard, this school management has gone to a great length to make the school to be of international standards too. Well equipped laboratory, well stocked library and flexibility in study, an
educational friendly environment and many more measures this school has taken to achieve its goals.

2. School of Nursing University College Hospital Ibadan.

This school stands out when it comes to nurse training in Nigeria. The combination of the tradition and innovative teaching techniques actually makes the study very easy for the students. Students also have the full support of the school staff. They are always there to help them at every point in time to achieve their dreams.

3. Ecwa School of Nursing, Egbe.

This school has gone through many ups and downs to get to where they are today. After being shut for so many years because of lack of adequate funding, this school found between Kogi and Illorin opened up again in 2006 with full force with due accreditation from the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria. Since then, nurses here go through rigorous training to make them good at what they do.

4. University of Nigeria School of nursing.

This school is one of the best as well as earliest nursing schools in Nigeria. This has given it an advantage of
experience over the other schools. The students are well trained as well as given adequate resources to aid their training process. This school also has the aim of producing nurses of international standard and are working hard towards it.

5. School of Nursing, Joint hospital Mbano.

Yes, you heard well. This school deserves to be among the top 10 schools of nursing in Nigeria. It’s true you don’t
hear about them but they are actually around and doing very serious work behind the scenes. Most of the reputable nurses in this country passed through this prestigious school and many more are still there getting trained in their student friendly environment and well equipped laboratory.

6. School of Nursing,Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH). 

This school has become more popular in recent years because of how effective it is in helping students reach their goals. This school has and keeps producing renowned nurses in Nigeria and beyond with it’s study flexibility and modern facilities that are at the disposal of the students.

7. School of Nursing, Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital.

This school is well known for their practicals. Students are not just taught concepts by mouth, they get to practice everything they are taught per time, giving them the opportunity to be perfect. This they do in an educational friendly environment.

8. Basic School of Nursing,Federal Teaching Hospital.

This school also falls among the top 10 school of nursing in Nigeria because of her numerous facilities that are at the disposal of the students as well as a well stocked library.

9. Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital.

This school, although not well known among nursing aspirants, is also exceptional when it comes to training nurses. The numerous rigorous training ensures that the students get really good at their profession.

10. Mater School of Nursing.

This Catholic Institution was founded by Saint Patrick’s missionaries in 1946. It was created to help solve health challenges of the people. This school is very strict as it is owned by Roman Catholics. Students from this school can be easily distinguished from the crowd as they are very passionate at what they do.

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No matter how confused you were, I am sure that the doubts and confusions in your heart are cleared by this list of top 10 nursing schools in Nigeria. Just calm down, go through the list again and know which one best suits your interests. You can now make your choice and apply for it.
Good luck.

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