Superlife Offices in Nigeria & Contact Details

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Superlife, an incredible health company from Malaysia that specialize in health product in the form of organic supplements mixed with nutrients and antioxidants. These products according to Superlife involve STC30, SCC+, and more. These drugs are primarily aimed at tackling ailments like diabetes, insomnia, skin conditions, and so on.

Superlife Offices in Nigeria

For the customers, there are different packages for customers who have signed up as they can earn from the direct selling of Superlife health and wellness products.

We will now proceed to In this article, Superlife offices in Nigeria and their contact details will be provided.


The Superlife Port Harcourt office are responsible to provide customers with the opportunity to access nutrient-packed superfoods products use to treat certain health conditions like insomnia, skin conditions, and stroke. These customers can also make money by engaging in the direct selling of their products and services.
Address: YKC, Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Email:
Phone: 08165521823


The Ajah Superlife helps nutrient-packed superfoods to be available to the general public. The company’s supplements are fixed and mixed by in-house professionals chemists and nutritionists in strict compliance with global best practices.

Address: Ajah, Lagos State.


Phone: 08165521823


At Ikeja, people nutrient-rich organic food products are made available to the general public. Again the customer can then sell these products and earn an income to better their life.

Address: Ikeja, Lagos State.


Phone: 08165521823


The Superlife STC30 products can be accessed in stores at any Superlife offices in Benin City.

The STC30 has nutrients to improve the immune system to combat kidney failure and improve the immune system.

Address: Benin City, Edo State.


Phone: 08165521823


STC30 can be accessed by the general public of the federal capital territory and anywhere in Nigeria.

One can earn an income, after signing up for a Superlife membership package.

Address: Utako, Abuja FCT.


Phone: 08165521823

  • SuperLife Total Care 30.
  • SuperLife Colon Care +
  • SuperLife Immune Care.
  • SuperLife Neuron Care.
  • Super Root Coffee

And the Superlife products Price List are as follows:

STC30 Superlife:………………... ₦15,000.00.
Superlife Immune Care……… ₦30,000.00.
Superlife Double Root Coffee. ₦8,500.00.
Superlife Neuron Care.-SNC ₦30,000.00.
Superlife Colon Care -SCC+. ₦36,000.00.

Superlife membership packages: Superlife Compensation Plan In Naira

1. STAR PACKAGE registration falls at  ₦66,000. 2 packets of Stc30 will be given to you.

2. SUPREME PLUS PACKAGE registration is ₦264,000. 8 packets of Stc30 will be given to you.

3. SUPER registration is ₦720,000 24 packets of STC30 will be given to you.

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