Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

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Many graduate are unfortunate because there’s no job opportunity. In order to thrive in Nigeria you need to have a business idea so you won’t have to struggle at all. When you ask some people why they haven’t started a business yet, they could tell you they are short of cash. They don’t have capital to start a business. This article would give you a business you can start on a small scale. There would be a list below showing you the small scale business ideas in Nigeria you can venture into with little or no capital to start with.

Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria

List of small scale business ideas in Nigeria you can venture into with little or no capital to start with.

Sport Viewing Centre

Sport viewing centre is a very lucrative business in Nigeria today. There are football fanatics everywhere. Most Nigeria guys love football. Just make an awareness to your friends and neighbor and start a sport viewing centre in your community you would be surprise by how people would turn up.

Food catering

Are you a lover of cooking food? You can put this into action and you will definitely make money. You can start by advertising what you do. You don’t even need any capital for this.


You can make money from farming. Though this may seem local to you. Ask those who farms. It’s a lucrative business


Have you considered being a blogger? You may love to write and want to share information out there to people. Get the knowledge you need to arm yourself with on blogging.


If you love writing and you are good at it. You can option in as a freelancer. Just search out the website that hire freelancer.

Photography and Videography

Do you love to snap people or you just enjoy videoing event and all that. Put your skill into use. Get a camera and you create a killer website to advertise what you do and rent a studio.

Resume Writing

Do you love a great research and skill and a good writer? You can opt in for this. It’s without a capital.

Modelling and Event Ushering

Build a good online presence and set up your own modeling and ushering agency. Hire good models and advertise what you do. Get a good location. You don’t need huge capital for this.

House Painting Service

Have you thought that people often look for a painter when they move into their new house. Do you know how to paint houses and you are good at it. Jump into this and don’t allow your talent to go to waste.

Car Sales

There are people out there looking for those who can sell their cars. All you need is marketing strategy. If you are good at this, I am telling you, you don’t need any capital and it’s a sure way of making money.

Fashion Designing

Have you developed a skill in learning how to sew clothes and you are good at it. Why don’t you embrace this. Just get your machine. You can even start from the comfort of your home while you create awareness about what you do. Then you are on your way to making money with little capital to start with.

Chair Rental

Do you know there are event happening around you and also some churches who are in need of chairs. All you need is to get chairs. You just rent them out.

We hope you have grasped one or two things you can do to earn a living instead of folding your arms expecting something new to happen. Just take this bold step. Start with something small and you grow big eventually.

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