School of Nursing Nnewi Past Questions and Answers

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NAUTH School of Nursing Nnewi Past Questions and Answers Free Download. Do you plan to begin nursing school Programme in Nnewi? If yes, then no need to worry. One of the best ways to prepare for this highly competitive exams is with the use of past questions. We are always committed to compile quality nursing school past questions and accurate answers from over the years to assist you in preparing for the aptitude test which is fast approaching. This is where to download free past questions and answers. With this study material you are sure to achieve maximum success.

It is commonly known that the school of nursing examiners rephrase or repeat up to about 50% of previous questions in every examination. This disclosure reveals that these questions are usually almost the same thing with slight differences. You can download and print it. And also use the PDF version on your computer or smartphone anytime.

Why Should you use School of Nursing Past Questions?

The following reasons are why getting the School of Nursing Akure past questions and answers is the best decision you can make for the coming examination:

1) This past questions provides you some deep insight on the extent to focus for each subject.

2) Past questions eases down the tension for the exams as it exposes you to the pattern of the examination and makes you to become fearless.

3) With these past questions, you train yourself to become time conscious and your speed to answer one question increases before the examination.

Sample of School of Nursing Past Questions

1. Which of the structures listed below is peculiar to the axis vertebra?
(a) Centrum
(b) Prezygapophysis
(c) Lateral spine
(d) Odontoid

2. A plant which has horizontal underground steam is a ___
(a) Rhizome
(b) Creeper
(d) Bulb

3. Epigeal germination can be found in ___
(a) groundnut
(b) sorghum
(d) maize

4. The mammalian organ which acts both as a digestive an as an endocrine organ is the ___
(a) liver
(b) pancreas
(c) spleen
(d) adrenal gland

5. Which of the following does a virus have in common animal cell?
(b) Starch
(c) Nucleus
(d) DNA

How To Buy School of Nursing Nnewi Past Questions and Answers.

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Assurance Of Delivery

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Good luck!

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