School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions And Answers

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School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions And Answers

For individuals seeking guidance on how to prepare for the School of Nursing Gusau entrance exams, rest assured that we have the necessary resources to assist you as the exams approach. This has been accomplished by providing you with previous examination papers.

We have curated a comprehensive and current collection of approximately 300 previous examination inquiries sourced from the most recent five iterations of the assessments.

The aforementioned items are available in the form of a downloadable electronic book in PDF format, which is considered to be more easily accessible than any other medium.

The utilisation of an eBook is a crucial factor in enhancing one’s academic performance during examinations, leading to a higher likelihood of gaining admission into the institution.

By perusing this eBook in a thorough manner, one can gain access to a multitude of exam questions spanning a period of five years. This phenomenon can be attributed to the common occurrence of repetitive questioning.

To clarify, the electronic book has the potential to serve as a platform for showcasing your work or ideas. It is crucial to have knowledge of the primary sources from which the questions are predominantly derived to facilitate the refinement of one’s study approach. The following are a few selected previous inquiries to address some of your concerns:

Sample of School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions

  1. Which of the following metals will liberate hydrogen from steam or dilute acid?

A) Copper

B) Iron

C) Lead

D) Mercury

2. Which of the following enzymes is active in the duodenum?

A) Pepsin

B) Renin

C) Trypsin

D) Amylase

3. Evaporation of a liquid produces cooling of the liquid because the

A) attraction between the vapour molecules and the liquid molecules is great

B) average kinetic energy of the liquid is reduced

C) density of the liquid decreases

D) vapour pressure above the liquid rises

E) volume of the liquid decreases

4. Coal fire should not be used in poorly ventilated rooms because _____________.

A) of the accumulation of CO2which causes dep sleep

B) it is usually too hot

C) of the acumulation of CO which causes suffocation

D) it removes most most of the gases in the rooms

5. The following organisms are producers except

A) Hibiscus

B) Mushroom

C) Cactus

D) Spirogyra

6. Calculate the amount of heat generated in an external load of resistance 8Ω if an alternating current of peak value 5 A is passed through it for 100s.

A) 2.0 × 104J

B) 1.0 × 104J

C) 5.0 × 103J

D) 4.0 × 103J

E) 2.0 × 102J

7. The major component of the slag from the production of iron is

A) an alloy of calcium and iron

B) coke

C) impure iron

D) calcium trioxosilicate (IV)

8. Which of the following structures produces the greatest variety of digestive enzymes?

A) Salivary glands

B) Pancreas

C) Stomach

D) Colon

9. A machine has an efficiency of 80%. If the machine is required to overcome a load of 60N with a force of 40N, calculate its velocity ratio.

A) 0.53

B) 0.83

C) 1.20

D) 1.50

E) 1.88

10. Sodium hydrogen should be stored in properly closed containers because it

A) readily asborbs water vapour to air

B) is easily oxidize by atmospheric oxygen

C) turns golden yellow when exposed to light

D) melts at a low temperature

Subjects Combination

English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

Note: School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions And Answers are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2,000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

How to Download School of Nursing Gusau Past Questions And Answers

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You can either pay online via the aforementioned link with your ATM card or make a transfer / direct deposit into our bank account.

As soon as payment is confirmed, the team will swiftly dispatch the past question to you in a PDF format via WhatsApp.

The cost of the newly updated Past Questions And Answers is 2,000 NGN.

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Our past questions and answers are original and from source. So, your money is in the right hand and we promise to deliver it once we confirm your payment.

Each year, thousands of students gain admission into their schools of choice with the help of our past questions and answers.

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