Sanyeri’s Wife: All You Need to Know

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Sanyeri Wife – Nigerian film production is generally segmented along geographical, and to a lesser extent, ethnic, and religious lines. As a result, various film industries exist, each attempting to capture the issues facing the group or race that the group represents. The majority of the regional industries are represented in the English-language film industry, which is a melting pot for film making.

Sanyeri’s Wife

Nollywood, as the Nigerian film industry is more widely known, is now acknowledged as one of the biggest in the world. Star actors, better production values, and passionately enthusiastic global audience engagement are all present in the nation’s developing film industry. But these developments didn’t happen until recently when it transitioned from the Golden Era’s direct-to-video hits to its current state—the new wave, which is more contentiously referred to as “New Nollywood.”

Nigerian actor and producer Sanyeri is well-known for his humorous parts in movies. For his concise portrayals of his assigned roles, Sanyeri, whose real name is Olaniyi Mikail Afonja, has found remarkable success in the film industry. Sanyeri Oloka, Sanyeri in London, Jenifa, and a number of other films with him in them are notable examples. Hawawu Omolara Afonja is Sanyeri’s husband.

This is all you need to know about Sanyeri’s Wife, Hawawu Omolara Afonja:


Although it is impossible to determine Hawawu Omolara’s precise State of origin at this time, she is of Yoruba descent. She has completed both elementary and secondary education.


Hawawu Omolara and Sanyeri initially crossed paths in 2004 at the National Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos, where she had gone to witness Sanyeri’s maiden film production, Okan Eni. He approached Miss Hawawu Omolara because of his attraction to her with the hopes of beginning a relationship, but things did not go as planned for the actor and comedian. Omolara resisted Sanyeri’s approaches for a while before giving in and the two began dating. They were conventionally wed in 2007. Together, they have two boys named Olasunkanmi Afonja and Boluwatife Afonja. They have been married for almost fifteen years. Along with her two kids, Hawawu Omolara Afonja resides in Toronto, Canada.



Sanyeri was born Olaniyi Mikail Afonja on October 14, 1974, in Bola Area of Oyo Town in the southwest state of Oyo. In Oyo State, Sanyeri attended Durbar Grammar School in Oyo town and Saint Michael School in Oke-ebo for her primary and secondary education, respectively.


At the age of 18, Sanyeri began his acting career in 1992. Sanyeri started acting in open stage plays as a member of the Prince Seyi Adeoye Theatre Group. Sanyeri met Kamilu Kompo, who has become into a successful actor and producer, in this performing group. As the Prince Seyi Adeoye Theatre Group participated in multiple tours around the southwestern states, it gave Sanyeri a stage on which to display his talents. In an effort to advance his career in the Nigerian film and entertainment industry, he made the decision to move from Oyo State to Lagos State in 1996.

While still in Ijora, Sanyeri and his companion Kamilu Kompo joined a number of acting ensembles, including the Odunfa group, the Alade Aromire group, and the Ajala Jalingo acting group. In Ajala Jalingo’s group, Sanyeri developed his acting abilities and built a network.

Sanyeri attempted to establish a career in film after four years of training with Ajala Jalingo’s group. Sanyeri has appeared in a lot of movies, especially those produced by Nollywood’s Yoruba branch. Sanyeri’s chance to become well-known came from his lead role in the 2007 comedy film Muniru Ati Ambali. Opa Kan, Jenifa, Anike Oni Puffkeh, Okan Esan, Apaadi, Mimi, Olowolagba, Oke Agba, Kowope, Irenimoyan, Baba Ibadan, Ajani Meko, Amotekun, Ayanfe, Titilola, and numerous other movies are among the ones in which he has acted. As a comedian, Sanyeri’s comedic roles provide his audience with excellent enjoyment and amusement that makes them laugh and feel at ease.

Sanyeri is a producer, screenwriter, and actor who works both behind and in front of the camera. The first significant motion picture Sanyeri produced was titled Okan Eni. He is believed to have produced a number of other movies, including the 2018 Yoruba feature Asiwaju, which was divided into parts 1 and 2. As a screenplay editor for the 2018 movie Komisona, Sanyeri made a contribution. In Saworo, another movie made in 2018, he served as the production coordinator. He is listed as a writer for both Irinajo Eda and his 2018 film, Asiwaju 1 & 2.

In all, Olaniyi Mukaila Afonja has earned the ire of Yoruba film producers by emerging as one of the genre’s most frequently utilized comedy actors. He has produced more than 10 films, in addition to being a featured actor in more than 100 films as of this writing. He is also a movie producer. The first child of his parents, he was born on October 14, 1974, in Oyo State. He is now 45 years old.

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