Process And Documents Needed To Register A School With The Ministry Of Education And Approval Process

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Process And Documents Needed To Register A School With The Ministry Of Education And Approval Process.

Are you Looking for how to Register A School With The Ministry Of Education And Approval Process? If yes, this page is all you need. See details below.

RegisterProcess And Documents Needed To Register A School With The Ministry Of Education

The law in Nigeria makes running a private school a full business and there are registration requirements for this business.

School business is one of the most popular business in Nigeria and as the population of Nigeria increases, there is need for more schools.

Running a private school in Nigeria involves certain registration requirements and this is what this article explains. The size of your school is dependent on your capital and there is high demand for schools of high quality in Nigeria.

Factors To Consider Before School Registration

1. Location of school

You have to choose a location that is accessible and convenient. If your capital is large enough you can go with high end zones and the school fees for such arrears is usually much. Survey that area first and check for the availability of other schools, standard and average fee etc.

More on location

Land cost range from between N500000 to N2000000 and a bungalow is a good start. Many owners of private schools rent and then build. The government requirement for each school is a bungalow and you may get a storey.

You may get a storey provided that the kindergarten and nursery children are within the section of the flow. There should be at least 15 rooms and these rooms should have some painting. However the 15 rooms is not just for the students but also include library, administrative blocks and others.

2. School building

Get an engineer to design and construct your school. The size of the building now may be small but more buildings can come as the school goes on. Renting involves certain cost and you may rent your own.

Ensure that there is enough space in the classrooms and that there is proper ventilation. There should be adequate space for the pupils to play around and for morning assembly.

3. Staff management

You have to hire people and they include teaching and non teaching staff. Cleaners, security man (men), cooks, accountants or clerks and the teaching staff are involved. Get ready to pay them and avoid owing salaries because this damages your reputation.

High quality will bring more students to the school and will also promote school reputation. Teachers have the NCE or others as the basic requirements.

4. School facility

There is need for facilities like desks, chairs, cupboards and bookshelves. Blackboards and stationery for your students are requirements. Your budget have some effects on your facilities and you can get computers now if you have the capital.

Computers, interactive boards etc will benefit and attract more of the students. Consider items like swings and musical instruments. Get toilets that are clean and enable efficient water supply.

More on facilities

Ensure that the necessary textbooks and curriculum are the ones your school is using. Printing of notebooks, school anthem and motto are all part of this.

5. Promote the school

You can promote the school using pamphlets or posters and then you indicate school name, motto and location. Also, you can promote it with the availability facilities, motto, contact information and the others. Advertise the school through bill boards or social media.

6. Student enrollment

Ensure that your staff and teachers are available. Getting or hiring teachers is preferable before resumption date. Extra lessons can offer you an extra earning and the services of the school bus also comes with some extra earning.

Purchasing of school uniforms, school notebooks and lunch options can also bring extra income. Advertising and maintaining high quality can promote your school business.

Process And Documents Needed To Register A School With The Ministry Of Education:

1. First step for registration

Proceed to the office of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and register your school name. Get some names for registering with CAC and the name should be unique. Since this is a private school the names should not contain ‘state’, ‘government’ and ‘national’ including the rest of the terms.

Tips for choosing your school name

The name of your school is your schools is your brand name and should be have some uniqueness.

  1. Many people name their school differing things and you name your school a memorable name. A memorable name that is not difficult for people to remember is suitable and useful for reference
  2. The name that you choose for your business name should contain national or state or federal government since the school is a private school
  3. Check for the availability of the school name online and this will help in making a school website. You can check for available domains by going to the whogohost, bluehost and others. Online school activities trends now and many schools print results online. Getting a school website will also help in adverts and keep your school on track.
  4. You will get a form at CAC and your business name will be put under reservation and availability. This process takes 2 weeks and then the fee is about N500
  5. After 2 weeks you obtain the approval and this happens if there is availability of that name. However if the name is no longer available you will get some suggestions and this goes for another fee

You get registration form after approval and then you fill the form.

The information to fill are:

  1. The business name and this is the name you choose for the school.
    b. Your school address
    c. The names of the business owners.
    d. Address of the business owners.
    e. 2 passports of the business owners and the business nature.

Submit the form and this goes with a fee of about N4000. It takes from about 2 or 4 weeks for a reply

You finally get the certificate of registration and this is the last stage

2. Second step of registration: Registration with the Ministry of Education

After registering with the CAC, registering with the government is necessary and this will help your school to operate legally. This requires you to write a letter to the Ministry of Education of your state and the content of the letter should include the school name.

Inspection of site

The Ministry of Education will bring some inspection officers and this is after the first registration. They will inspect your toilet, classrooms and also the administrative blocks. After you are successful in the inspection, they will tell you to get what they call approval form and this costs N25000.

Second Inspection

Another team or a second team will come to the school and this is after you submit the form. Curriculum, textbooks and other items are the ones under inspection. After this stage and if it successful, your school becomes government approved.


School business in Nigeria requires registration and this is what this article explains. Registering with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Ministry of Education are crucial.

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