National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Postgraduate Courses

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The School aims at providing highly specialised knowledge and skills development geared towards meeting high human resource needs of Nigeria in its match towards contributing to a globalised knowledge economy. Read through this article to find out the National open university of Nigeria postgraduate courses.

NOUN Postgraduate Courses

Admission Requirements

  1. Matriculation requirements include at least five (5) credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. Some programs accept at least a pass in Mathematics for admission.
  3. Candidates for Postgraduate Diploma Programs must have a minimum of a pass Bachelor’s Degree or a Higher National Diploma with a minimum of Lower Credit.
  4. For admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting, candidates must have been called to the Bar.
  5. Candidates for Master’s degree programs must have a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of second class lower or a Postgraduate Diploma in a related field of study.
  6. Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy Degree programs must have a master’s degree with a minimum score average of not less than 60% or a cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.0 on a 5-point scale

Admission Process

  1. NOUN typically expects postgraduate applicants to possess at least a first degree (second class lower) for masters or HND for PGD in a related field, along with 5 O-Level credits including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. Some programs may have additional requirements, which can be viewed by selecting the Program and entry level on the Faculty’s admission page.
  3. To apply for a program, select the Faculty, choose the program to enable the View Requirement button. Clicking this button reveals the corresponding entry requirement and enables the Apply button on the prepayment application page.
  4. Fill in all remaining details on the page before submitting.

Upon successful submission of the prepayment form, the system redirects you to Remita to obtain an RRR invoice for payment of the application form.

  1. If paying online using a payment card, applicants will automatically receive the online form, which must be completed before submission.
  2. Applicants who pay through a bank branch must click on Continue after payment and enter their Unique ID and RRR. They also have the option to change the applied Program.
  3. Applicants who previously paid using an RRR generated in the last semester or earlier must restart the application process up to the point of redirection to Remita. They should use the newly generated Unique ID with the old RRR when clicking Proceed after payment.
  4. In all cases, successful payment results in the generation of an online application form, which must be completed before submission online. The admission process is automated, and the outcome is virtually instantaneous.
  5. Please print your form and admission letter and bring them to your chosen Study Centre for verification by an Admin Officer.

List Of NOUN Courses | Undergraduate & Postgraduate

S/N Programme

1 B.A. Arabic

2 B.A. Christian Theology

3 B.A. English

4 B.A. French

5 B.A. Hausa

6 B.A. Igbo

7 B.A. Islamic Studies

8 B.A. Philosophy

9 B.A. Yoruba

10 B.A.(ED) Early Childhood Education

11 B.A.(ED) English

12 B.A.(ED) French

13 B.A.(ED) Primary Education

14 B.Agric Agricultural Economics and Agro-Business

15 B.Agric Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

16 B.Agric Animal Science

17 B.Agric Crop Science

18 B.Agric Soil and Land Resources Management

19 B.LIS Library and Information Science

20 B.NSc. Nursing Science

21 B.Sc. Accounting

22 B.Sc. Banking and Finance

23 B.Sc. Biology

24 B.Sc. Broadcast Journalism

25 B.Sc. Business Administration

26 B.Sc. Chemistry

27 B.Sc. Computer Science

28 B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural Development

29 B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies

30 B.Sc. Development Studies

31 B.Sc. Economics

32 B.Sc. Entrepreneurship

33 B.Sc. Environmental Health Science

34 B.Sc. Environmental Science and Resource Management

35 B.Sc. Film Production

36 B.Sc. Information Technology

37 B.Sc. International Relations

38 B.Sc. Marketing

39 B.Sc. Mass Communication

40 B.Sc. Mathematics

41 B.Sc. Maths and Computer Science

42 B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

43 B.Sc. Physics

44 B.Sc. Political Science

45 B.Sc. Public Administration

46 B.Sc. Public Health

47 B.Sc. Tourism Studies

48 B.Sc.(ED) Agricultural Science

49 B.Sc.(ED) Biology

50 B.Sc.(ED) Business Education

51 B.Sc.(ED) Chemistry

52 B.Sc.(ED) Computer Science

53 B.Sc.(Ed) Health Education

54 B.Sc.(Ed) Human Kinetics

55 B.Sc.(ED) Integrated Science

56 B.Sc.(ED) Mathematics

57 B.Sc.(ED) Physics

58 LLM Law

59 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (African Traditional Religion)

60 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Church History)

61 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (New Testament)

62 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Old Testament)

63 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Pastoral Theology)

64 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Philosophy of Religion)

65 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Religion and Society)

66 M.A. Christian Religious Studies (Systematic Theology)

67 M.A. English (Comparative Literature)

68 M.A. English (Language)

69 M.A. English (Literature In English)

70 M.A. Islamic Studies

71 M.ED. Administration and Planning

72 M.ED. Educational Technology

73 M.ED. Guidance and Counselling

74 M.ED. Science Education

75 M.Sc. Business Administration

76 M.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies

77 M.Sc. Entrepreneurship

78 M.Sc. Information Technology

79 M.Sc. Mass Communication

80 M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

81 M.Sc. Public Administration

82 M.Sc. Public Health

83 Masters in Business Administration

84 Masters in Public Administration

85 PGD. Agricultural Extension Management

86 PGD. Business Administration

87 PGD. Christian Theology

88 PGD. Criminology and Security Studies

89 PGD. Economics

90 PGD. Education

91 PGD. Entrepreneurship

92 PGD. Information Technology

93 PGD. Legislative Drafting

94 PGD. Mass Communication

95 PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

96 PGD. Public Administration

97 PhD Business Administration

98 PhD Christian Theology (African Christian Theology)

99 PhD Christian Theology (African Traditional Religion)

100 PhD Christian Theology (Church History)

101 PhD Christian Theology (New Testament)

102 PhD Christian Theology (Old Testament)

103 PhD Christian Theology (Pastoral Theology)

104 PhD Christian Theology (Philosophy of Religion)

105 PhD Christian Theology (Religion and Society)

106 PhD Christian Theology (Systematic Theology)

107 PhD Criminology and Security Studies

108 PhD Educational Administration

109 PhD Educational Planning

110 PhD Educational Technology

111 PhD English Language

112 PhD Information Technology

113 PhD Law

114 PhD Mass Communication

115 PhD Mathematics Education

116 PhD Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

117 PhD Public Administration

118 PhD Science Education

119 PhD/MPhil Business Administration

120 PhD/MPhil Criminology and Security Studies

121 PhD/MPhil Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

122 PhD/MPhil Public Administration


The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is committed to providing specialised knowledge and skill development to meet the high human resource demands of Nigeria, contributing to its integration into the globalised knowledge economy. The admission process is accessible and efficient, reflecting the institution’s dedication to facilitating educational opportunities for all.

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