Nigerians reacts as soldier refuses to sing National Anthem

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Nigerians reacts as Nigerian soldier refuses to sing National Anthem – A Nigerian military officer has gotten people talking after he payed less attention to the National Anthem when it was being recited.

The viral video online shows the soldier sitting down while others stood up when Nigeria’s National Anthem was being sang at an event.

The man who was in full uniform just sat and bent his head and refused to stand up until the recital was over.

Someone who attended the same event captured the moment on tape and it generated mixed reactions online.

Some netizens took his side and said he is probably tired of the happenings in the country and he does not feel like the anthem inspires confidence, while others argued that as a military officer he is bound by duty to recite the anthem irrespective of his sentiments.

Do you think the soldier was right or wrong about what he did?

Here are some of the comments from people:

teeh_lyfstyle; The country don tire everybody

tun_mise_; Everybody dey blame am but me I understand; Only am sabi wetin him don see for sambisa forest

orfega007; Stand strong don tire

travis_bliss; Baba is tired of serving

wrldprincecharming; This country made him emotionally downcast

alhakeemy_001; Mood when govt refuse to pay salary

wp_fame; Una dey use this camera 🎥 spoil pple life.. he’s going to be punished 💯.. as social media dey help pple he dey spoil life’s too.. may God help us

mercigrey_; He is going through a lot, naija don tire am.

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