LASU Online Course Registration & Payment 2023/2024

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LASU Online Course Registration & Payment 2023/2024

Lagos State University (LASU), has announced the commencement of its online course registration, payments and all Clearance for all the newly admitted Full-Time Undergraduate students for the 2023/2024 academic session. This blog will provide all the necessary information on how to run a smooth and seamless clearance and course registration.

LASU Online Course Registration

Lagos State University (LASU) warmly welcomes its newly admitted full-time undergraduate students for the 2023/2024 academic session. To ensure a smooth start to your academic journey, it is crucial to complete the online admissions clearance and course registration process. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in navigating these essential steps.

Essential Steps for Online Admissions Clearance (LACACA)

  1. Completion of LACACA: All admitted candidates must participate in the online admissions clearance known as LACACA.
  2. Assignment of Matriculation Numbers: A 100% completion on the LACACA operations platform is mandatory to be assigned a matriculation number.
  3. Matriculation Number for Registration: Only students with assigned matriculation numbers can perform payments and online registration procedures.
  4. Checking Matriculation Number: To find your matriculation number, visit LASU’s website, go to the STUDENT tab, and click on CHECK MATRIC NUMBER.
  5. Uploading Anti-Cultism Oath Form: Upload a scanned copy of the Anti-Cultism Oath Form in .pdf format on the registration portal.
  6. NIN and LASRRA Numbers: Ensure you have valid National Identification Number (NIN) and LASRRA identification numbers.
  7. Consultation with Level Advisers: Before proceeding online, consult your Level Advisers for advice on course selection.

Payment and Registration Process

School Fee Payment
  • Minimum Payment: Pay at least 70% of the school fee for Stream 1 or 50% for Stream 2.
  • Additional Fees: Payment for GNS Compendium (Workshop/Seminar) fee and Practical/Workshop/Laboratory fee is required for students in applicable programmes.
Stage One: Payment of GNS Compendium Fee
  1. Visit LASU website.
  2. Navigate to the STUDENT tab and click on PAYMENT SERVICES.
  4. Follow the procedure for successful payment.
Stage Two: School Fee Payment
  1. Repeat the initial steps on LASU’s website, selecting FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE or FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE (STREAM 2) as applicable.
  2. Complete the procedure for the successful payment of the school fee.
Bio-Data Registration
  1. Again, access the STUDENT tab on LASU’s website.
  3. Enter your matriculation number and surname to start the process.

Online Courses Registration

  1. On LASU’s website, go to COURSE REGISTRATION under the STUDENT tab.
  2. Create a password if you haven’t already, then log in with your matriculation number and password.
  3. Upload your Anti-Cultism Oath Form.
  4. Read and agree to the LASU Code of Conduct.
  5. Complete your courses registration and print all required forms.
  6. Submit printed documents to your Department for endorsement.

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Remember, registration is key to your identity as a LASU student. It’s crucial for examinations and semester results. Avoid using proxies for payments and ensure to keep transaction receipts. LASU is committed to facilitating a seamless and successful start to your academic life. Welcome aboard, and we wish you a fulfilling academic experience at LASU!

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