Kenya eVisa Requirements for Citizens of Nigeria

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Since Kenya recently implemented an electronic visa programme, visitors from more than 140 countries—including Nigerian citizens—can benefit from the programme and apply for their visas entirely online. For Nigerian tourists, the single-entry electronic visa is currently the most popular Kenya visa option. You can enter Kenya through any land, air, or sea border with this eVisa, which is good for up to a 90-day stay.

Kenya eVisa Requirements

An application for a visa to Kenya could also be made by citizens of Nigeria. However, the government announced that beginning in 2021, all visas, including arrival-only visas for citizens of Nigeria, will be electronic and require an online application.

Finally, Nigerian tourists transiting via Kenya may benefit from the transit visa if their layover is shorter than 72 hours. As long as the departing aircraft is within 72 hours of their arrival in Kenya, they must submit an application for a straightforward Kenyan transit eVisa.

Kenya eVisa Requirements for Nigerian Passport Holders

Before applying for a Kenya visa for holders of Nigerian passports, travellers must acquire a few items. The following items are necessary for a Kenyan eVisa:

A valid Nigerian passport is required for entry into Kenya. The traveler’s passport must also contain at least one blank page for stamps and be valid for at least six months after entering Kenya.

Personal information: Nigerian applicants must respond to questions about their identity, passport information, and travel itinerary.

A recent (taken within the last six months) digital photo of the applicant is required.

Proof of Travel – Nigerian travelers must prove that they will not be staying beyond the Kenyan e-Visa.

This can be done by providing proof of travel to another country or return to the traveler’s home country.

Valid Payment Method – Travelers must pay the Kenya e-Visa fee using a valid payment method such as a debit or credit card.

Valid Email Address – Nigerian applicants must provide a valid email address to receive notifications regarding their e-visa.

Kenya eVisa Requirements andHow to Apply for a Kenya visa From Nigeria

Most Nigerian candidates should be able to get a Kenyan eVisa in less than an hour thanks to how quick and simple the process is. For the sake of avoiding delays and having a stress-free experience, visitors are advised to submit their eVisa applications in advance.

Submit a digital version of your current Nigerian passport along with any other pertinent documents (if applicable).
Get your eVisa in your email inbox after the eVisa is approved.

The application for a Kenyan visa must be started in the first step for citizens of Nigeria. The traveler’s name, last name, country, passport number, and date of issuance will all be required on this application, along with a brief description of their intended route.

The Kenyan eVisa takes, on average, one to three business days to process. Rarely, though, it could take longer, especially during periods of high demand or on holidays.

The email address specified on the application will get the Kenya visa approval letter for Nigerian nationals.

Traveling From Nigeria to Kenya: Key Details

It takes little time or effort to get from Nigeria to Kenya. Kenya Air offers nonstop flights that take less than six hours to get people from Lagos to Nairobi.

When visitors from Nigeria arrive in Kenya, the local authorities will examine their passports and eVisa to ensure they are authorised to enter the nation. Nigerian residents ought to be prepared to provide both in this situation.

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