Jim Iyke’s Wife: All You Need to Know

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Jim Iyke Wife: All You Need to Know

The Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) is widely acknowledged as the second-largest film producer in the world. The industry makes up a sizeable portion of Nigeria’s Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector, which in 2016 contributed 2.3 percent (NGN239 billion) to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With a projected $1 billion in export earnings by 2020, it is one of the priority areas named in the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth strategy. To advance Nollywood, however, current issues must be resolved. The Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2017–2021 from PwC offers in-depth expertise and practical insights on the trends reshaping the entertainment and media sector.

Jim Iyke Wife

Jim Iyke is a Nigerian actor and producer who has worked in the Nollywood film business for more than 20 years. With honors and a sizable fan base, Jim Iyke has accrued a respectable level of accomplishment over the years. The well-known actor is wed to Dana Kinduryte, a native of Lithuania.

This is all you need to know about Jim Iyke’s wife:


A native of Southcentral City of Kaunas in Kaunas County, Danute Kinduryte is also known as Dana Kinduryte. She is a Lithuanian national. Dana was born in 1992, and she spent her early years in Vilnius, the capital of her native Lithuania, where she completed her elementary and foundational education. Dana Kinduryte continued her education by enrolling in college, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws. Dana moved to Atlanta, Georgia State in the USA, where she currently resides.


In Atlanta, Georgia State, United States of America, in 2014, Dana Kinduryte met Jim Iyke, a well-known Nollywood actor. She was unaware that he was a well-known film star from Nigeria when they first met. Then, almost immediately, they started to form a tentative romance. While they were still dating, Dana became pregnant for Jim Iyke, and at the end of the pregnancy, she moved in with him in his Atlanta home.



On September 25, 1976, in Libreville, Gabon’s capital, James Ikechukwu Okolue was born. He is an Anambra State native and comes from Ogwugwu Village in Enugu Agidi Town. His parents moved to Nigeria when he was a little child from Libreville, the capital of Gabon. Jim Iyke and his family made their home in Lagos, where he completed his primary and foundational schooling. At the Federal Government College, Kwali, in the Federal Capital City of Abuja, he pursued his study and earned his junior and senior secondary school diplomas.

Jim Iyke decided to enroll in a Diploma program in Banking and Finance at the University of Jos in Plateau State as part of his desire to pursue higher education at the university. Later, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the same university.


Jim Iyke had a passion for performing from an early age and was well-known for actively participating in dramatic arts extracurricular activities throughout his secondary school years and even into his university years. In the Nigerian film business, Jim Iyke began to pursue a career as a professional actor in 1999. But in 2001, Jim Iyke finally broke through because his acting prowess set him apart from his contemporaries. Since more than 20 years ago, Jim Iyke has been in almost 200 films, including Last Flight to Abuja, The Intruder 1 and 2, Run Away Prince 1 and 2, Power of a Kiss, Palace War, Bad Comments, Merry Men, American Driver, and others.

A producer in the Nigerian film business is Jim Iyke. His filmmaking company, Untamed Production, is credited with finishing a number of film projects. He also works as an executive for Untamed Records, a record label.


Jim Iyke has worked in the Nollywood industry for more than twenty years, during which time he has won numerous honors and awards, including the Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR), three Teenage Choice Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role, the African Movie Achievers Award (AMAA) for Best Actor, and many others.

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