The ADHOC staffs are been trained in the job field, this ADHOC staffs are inec workers who are responsible for the conduction of local government, state government and election at the federal level.

They play a very crucial role in the success of every election, as they are been educated about the importance of each election.

For an undergraduate person to be an ADHOC staff, he or she needs to present a copy of her SSCE result, while graduates need his or her HND or BSC result.

Assigned Duties for INEC ADHOC Staffs

The functions of INEC as contained in Section 15, Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) and Section 2 of the Electoral Act 2010 (As Amended) include the following.

  1. Register political parties  in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and Act of the National Assembly;
  2. Monitor the organization and operation of the political parties, including their finances; conventions, congresses and party primaries.
  3. Arrange for the annual examination and auditing of the funds and accounts of political parties, and publish a report on such examination and audit for public information;
  4. Arrange and conduct the registration of persons qualified to vote and prepare, maintain and revise the register of voters for the purpose of any election under this constitution;
  5. Monitor political campaigns and provide rules and regulations which shall govern the political parties;
  6. Conduct voter and civic education;
  7. Promote knowledge of sound democratic election processes; and
  8. Conduct any referendum required to be conducted pursuant to the provision of the 1999 Constitution or any other law or Act of the National Assembly.

INEC shall be guided by the following values in the performance of its duties:

  1. Autonomy: INEC shall carry out all its functions independently, free from external control and influence.
  2. Transparency: INEC shall display openness and transparency in all its activities and in its relationship with all stakeholders.
  3. Integrity: INEC shall maintain truthfulness and honesty in all its dealings at all times
  4. Credibility: INEC shall ensure that no action or activity is taken in support of any candidate or political party.
  5. Impartiality: INEC shall ensure the creation of a level playing field for all political actors.
  6. Dedication: INEC shall be committed to providing quality electoral services efficiently and effectively, guided by best international practice and standards
  7. Equity: INEC shall ensure fairness and justice in dealing with all stakeholders.
  8. Excellence: INEC shall be committed to the promotion of merit and professionalism as the basis for all its actions.
  9. Team work: INEC shall create a conducive environment that promotes teamwork among its staff at all levels.

INEC Adhoc Staff Job Positions

  • Local government area collation officer.
  • Presiding officer
  • Assistant presiding officer
  • Supervisory presiding officer
  • State constituency returning officer
  • Senatorial/national and state constituency returning officer.

INEC Adhoc Requirements

  • You must be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Have at least a minimum of Secondary Schools Certificate Examination degree.
  • Have a means of identification.
  • Higher degree certificate is more advantageous.

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023

All applications are recommended to be done on the INEC online application portal.

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