Importance of Polytechnic Education in Nigeria

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Importance of Polytechnics Education in Nigeria.

Polytechnics education is basically known for its practical analysis of the educational system. This is because the interest of polytechnics education right from inception has been in the development of the nation through the application of certain technology and educational knowledge avoided by other institutions and montechnics.

Analysis of the economic development of Nigeria reveals that many entrepreneurial innovations and technology evolved from the technology embedded in polytechnics because the curriculum’s of polytechnics are structured to follow the technological pattern of Nigeria which promotes the advancement and of the country.

Importance of Polytechnics Education in Nigeria

Some of the reasons why Polytechnic education is very important in Nigeria is that it offers all of the following and many more:

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1.    Hands on Learning (Practicality)

The Polytechnics offers course that are practical based. The lectures are organized such that a person who undergoes any course of study can easily apply what he or she is studying to real life experiences unlike the universities where most of their courses are theoretical.

Most polytechnics are of the cultural belief that practicality is the key to academic success in reality.

2.    Simplicity of Learning

Learning is easier in the Polytechnics because of the fact that they understand the fact that people learn in three ways being Kinesthetic, Auditory and visually.

The polytechnic is thereby structured to meet the learning needs of its students regardless of his or her learning styles.

A major advantage of polytechnics is that it does not manage the affairs and resources of a Nation but to makes means which will promote productivity and industrialization through the acquisition of technical education.

Polytechnics is not just interested in the managerial skills of students but the ability to lead and act independently depending on one’s discipline or cause of study.

The tuition of polytechnics are adequately affordable such that an average Nigerian can afford it. There are universities that cost at most half a million still with the same curriculum but this is not application in polytechnics.

The educational system of Nigeria is very alarming especially when it comes to issuing of certificates, polytechnics are rated with excellent on the documentation and collection of result within the speculated time.

The idea of change of study is basically possible and easy in the Polytechnics unlike other institutions which could have further processes and yet not grant the student’s request to change his course of study.

Also, many have gotten admission into universities and in due time have been derived of such admission because of certain terms and conditions set to manage the population of the institutions.

This has made the influx of students in universities to consistently increase at the expense of the students who pay fees which are rated nonrefundable. In the case of polytechnics the admission is easier accessible.

The Nigerian Polytechnics also have a good breed of qualified lecturers who have passion of teaching for maximum educational success.

Every lecturer in the Polytechnics have a great deal of dedication and excellent spirit thereby impacting same on every students in the institution.


Nigeria will grow fastest r, better and bigger when a lot of revenue is allocated to the Polytechnics in the country to enhance her productivity.

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