How to Travel from Nigeria to Abidjan by Land

How to Travel from Nigeria to Abidjan by Land

The best way to travel to any other country is by plane, but if you possess a car and want to take your time traveling, a car will work. By land, it will take a lot of road networks and thorough road expertise to get from Nigeria to Abidjan.

how to travel from Nigeria to Abidjan by land

We’ll walk you through the procedures in this article for traveling by land from Nigeria to Abidjan as well as provide you with some advice before you leave.

The capital of Cote d’Ivoire, a West African nation to the west of Nigeria, is Abidjan. Nigeria and Abidjan are separated by 617 kilometers (986.9km). Driving from Nigeria to Abidjan is estimated to take up to 15 hours, so you won’t be able to do the trip in a single day. Depending on how dedicated you are, this excursion can last two or three days.

The following is the recommended driving path from your location to Abidjan.

Accra, Lome, Lagos, Porto-Novo, and Abidjan

This will take you via Ghana, Togo, and the Benin Republic before arriving at Cote d’Ivoire.

Tips on how to travel from Nigeria to Abidjan by land

1. Before a road trip, service your car

The worst thing that may happen while traveling by car is for a problem to arise along the way. You should service your automobile and carry out maintenance inspections before you leave on your journey to avoid this. To avoid any issues that will undoubtedly arise when you embark on the lengthy journey, make sure you inspect all the relevant areas and make the appropriate repairs. Choose a trustworthy rental car choice if you intend to utilize one.

Be aware that you will need to go via many troublesome roads to reach your destination in Abidjan because Nigeria’s roads are famously awful. For the lengthy journey, make sure your tires are in good shape. Make sure the wiper blades on your vehicle are working as well. Your brakes and engine both need to be properly maintained.

2. Acquire the necessities

Even if you might prefer to rely solely on your car’s tire, having a spare tire is crucial while going on a road trip. Your automobile tires may need to be changed or mended at some time during the drive due to the poor condition of many Nigerian roads.
You’ll also need a spare tire since Nigeria requires one for safety reasons, and if the appropriate authorities find out, you might not be able to finish the trip. Additionally, make sure you have a first aid safety kit, triangle cones for emergencies, and a fire ex car document

5. Outside Power Source

Although you could connect your phone into your car to acquire some juice, it is preferable to have a power bank. Make sure to choose the choices with the highest capacities so you have enough juice to keep your phone on and functional throughout the journey. In case of emergency, you should carry more than two functional phone chargers.

6. For your trip, invest in a nice camera.

Even though it might not be essential, you could desire to take pictures or videos while driving for a long period of time. You won’t need to acquire a new camera because your smartphone will do the trick; but, a camera might result in more attractive photographs.

7. Pay attention to security

In Nigeria, expressways and highways are known for criminal activity and other social vices. Driving on dangerous roads requires constant vigilance, and nighttime travel should be avoided at all costs. You won’t need to worry if you have everything in place because most drivers won’t experience anything bad when they make the proper preparations.

8. Steer clear of using a flashy automobile.

You won’t want to skip this crucial security advice. It is preferable to travel to Abidjan in a subdued vehicle that won’t draw attention while you’re driving. In actuality, flashy and opulent vehicles aren’t designed for long distance driving and may breakdown while traveling.

It may not be possible to get a mechanic to aid out because they are quite expensive to repair. You’ll need a car that can handle the rigors of Nigerian roads while still being comfortable. The car should also be easily repairable if necessary and not draw attention to any unsavory parts.

9. Hold the little bills of money.

You might need to make a purchase while on a long vacation at some point or another. Everyone will experience this. Alternatively, you could be kind and give alms to travelers in need. If you wish to carry out these tasks, having little money is essential.

Waiting around while the neighborhood street seller looks for change is not something you want to do. This could put you in a dangerous situation in addition to delaying you, especially if you’re in a place where you stick out as a total stranger.

10. Dress Appropriately

You will need enough clothing to last you the entire trip because the drive from Nigeria to Abidjan takes more than a single day. It can get very hot while traveling through Nigeria, so you should wear the appropriate clothing that will keep you cool if you don’t want to have your car’s air conditioning on the entire trip. Your shoes are a further consideration.

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