How to Score High in Examination

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How to Score High in Examination. Scoring high in examination is a very crucial aspect in every student’s academic pursuit. An examination is to test officially a students knowledge or ability in a particular field of study, subject or course and as such, the level of knowledge attained is taken into due consideration while scoring.

How to Score High in Examination

Most students are just having a ‘pass mark’ or an “average score” in examination. This is not the best as it affects one’s grade which can lead to a low G.P. also, students should not take the scores attained in examination to determine what grade to graduate with First class or Second class Upper, not just average scores but high scores in the series of examination taken.

Although, most students desire to score high in examination, they still find it difficult to get on track. Preparations must be made before and during examination in order to score high. Below are tips on how to score high in examinations.

15 Tips to Score High in Examination


Any student who desires to score high in examination must not just depend on what is given during lectures. Extensive reading has to do with covering very large area of scope of study. Text books and other reading materials should be collected and read extensively on the topics introduced. The reading should extend to areas that were not covered in class. When a student reads extensively, he gains balance such that he is not found wanting in explaining a particular concept, especially when the original words of the lecturer is lost or cannot be remembered word to word. An extensive reading aids extensive writing during examination which attracts more marks than a limited one.


Most students find it very reluctant to spend time to read in-between lines, especially when the note is lengthy or the text seems a little voluminous. While preparing to score high in examination, it is important to read in-between lines so as not to miss any point. Skimming or scanning through would only reveal points or give facts, but reading in between lines exposes the student to every detailed information.


It is very uncommon to find students these days, spending a reasonable time reading to read. They could rather spend the whole day in social media or watching movies. A student who wants to score high must spend a reasonable amount of time reading in order to have an in depth knowledge or be able cover wide areas.


Some environments are not conducive for reading. While preparing for examination, most students carry their books about in manner of reading, not considering the environment. Some take books to read in church, ceremonial grounds, inside vehicles, etc. and some even read while watching movies or listening to music. A quiet, well lit and ventilated environment is recommendable for better assimilation.


Being over confident makes a student to feel relaxed and perhaps, rely on a past glory. Such a student will always feel he can make it without being too serious in the preparation. This fails on most occasions. No matter how knowledgeable you are in particular course, there is need to be at least, make revisions. At the course of doing this, you may discover a hidden knowledge which will help you during the examination.

  1. Get Appropriate Textbooks Or Reading Materials:

Depending on the information given in class alone will limit a students’ knowledge. A student who desires to score high must have good textbooks or materials to read in order to get more information.

  1. Reading To Understand:

Most students tend to go after cramming for examination rather than reading to understand. Cramming can fail, especially when the original words are lost. But when a student understands what he reads,  even though he cannot get exactly the original words, he can explain the same concept correctly using his own words. But if a student crams to the examination hall, and unfortunately, what was crammed is lost, such a student will remain blank on what information to give.

  1. Attempt All Assignments:

Most assignment questions given during lesson or lecture periods are often likely to be seen as part of the examination questions. Therefore, it is advisable to attempt all assignments and take them seriously, should it appear as an examination question.

  1. Attend Lectures Or Classes:

Attending lectures is very important. The explanation or information given in class goes a long way to help a student who desires high scores in examination. Students prefers reading notes on the topics treated rather than attending the lectures to hear directly from the lecturer or teacher and taking down the notes as well. It is the explanation given in the class that will help a student to understand better, even when reading the notes on the topic. In most cases, the explanation given by the lecturer tends to stick firmer to the memory than what is gained from reading an unexplained note.

  1. Begins Preparations Early:

Most students would always wait until the examination date gets very close before they begin to read. This is never a sure way to scoring high. When a student begins to prepare lately, he tends to be reading in a hurry in order to cover all the topics. However, a student who prepares quite early will have enough time to cover the topics and perhaps, go into revision.

  1. Read ahead:

Students who aim at scoring high should have the course outline or scheme of study for the semester or term before it begins. This will help the students to be exposed  to the particular concept before it is  being introduced, which  will help the students to acquire a better understanding

  1. Be attentive in class:

Attaining lectures is one thing and being attentive is another.  A serious student must not just be present. In class should attendance be taken. Absolute attention should be paid during lectures and every form of distraction should be avoided.


A student who aims at scoring high in examination should not be limited to only the theoretical aspects of a topic but try to experiment or practicalize it, if necessary. This is commendable because knowledge gained from experiments or practicalize retains in the memory compared to knowledge gained from reading the theory aspect of a concept.


Revising past questions exposes the student to the pattern the examination may take although the questions may not be repeated. Ability to answer past questions correctly gives a light to an on coming examination. This is most effective in preparing for examinations like SSCE, Aptitude tests, JAMB, etc.


Our circle of friends can make our mar our academic pursuit. Before and during examination, one must be careful about the friends he moves along with. You should keep company with friends that will encourage you to study hard and help you prepare effectively for your examinations.


Scoring high in examination should be progressive. The student must be determined not just to pass an examination, but make high scores. Focus must be placed on being above an average score. In order to successfully carry out the above tips, “determination will play a greater role.


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