How to Pay Nepa Bill with Gtbank | USSD & mobile app

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How to Pay Nepa Bill with Gtbank | USSD & mobile app

There are some of us that go through a lot in paying for NEPA Bill. It could be al burdensome. There’s a good news that if you are using Gtbank, you could easily do your payment for your electricity bill through gtbank. There is a faster way of using your USSD or your mobile app.

How to Pay Nepa Bill with Gtbank


GTbank has made it so simple and easy to pay your nepa bill with the app. You should use the 737 USSD code. There are the USSD code. You can call it the Short codes. The information below would show you your various District code. You have to associate your District code with the bank account you’re paying with. Once you do that, an on-screen instruction would pop up on your screen so you follow it through.

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7 District zone (plan) and USSD Code

  • Port Harcourt Prepaid (District plan). *737*50*Amount*95# (USSD Code)
  • Port Harcourt Postpaid (District plan) *737*50*Amount*96# (USSD code)
  • Eko Prepaid (District plan). *737*50*Amount*151# (USSD Code)
  • Eko Postpaid *(District plan). *737*50*Amount*152# (USSD code)
  • Ibadan Prepaid (District plan). *737*50*Amount*137# (USSD Code)
  • Kano Prepaid (District plan). *737*50*Amount*93# (USSD Code)
  • Kano Postpaid (District plan)  *737*50*Amount*94# (USSD Code)

5 Key point to take note of when you want to pay your Nepa Bill with Gtbank

1). You can only transact when using your phone directly and that phone must be registered directly from your Gtbank.

2)  Deduction of money would be from your account that you registered with Gtbank.

3).  Your information which is your Data isn’t necessary when paying your Nepa Bills directly from the bank.

4)  You would have to give your meter number that you want to recharge because value would be put into the Meter Number you imputed while you are making the transaction.

5). Don’t exceed more than one million naira; that’s the limit of the amount you can use to recharge.

I am glad that you have read the necessary information you need to pay your Nepa Bills through your Gtbank. Adhere strictly to the information provided and you are on your way to make easy transaction for your electricity Bill with Gtbank. You could have electricity issues whereby you want to get it fixed urgently online and possibly you have poor internet connection. There are some areas where the network is poor. This guideline would help you on how to get your NEPA Bills paid with the BuyPower USSD short code

Guideline on how to pay electricity Bill using the BuyPower USSD short code.

  • Dial: *402*00009548*amount#
  • There would have to input your meter number once that code above is being dialed
  • You create a password if it’s your first time of using this code. This code would be required anytime you want to make a transaction. Follow the prompt that comes up after you dial the code to make your total payment.
  • An electricity token would be sent to you via SMS on your phone.

That’s the guideline for making your electricity Bill offline using your Gtbank. It’s very simple and fast once you are able to grab the instructions and the guideline. There’s no need to complain that you can’t make your Nepa Bill transaction because of no subscription or poor network.

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Drop a comments for us below. We are here to fix any issue that you may have regarding any concern in the course of making any transaction online or offline with Gtbank.

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