How to Make Good Money Online in Nigeria

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How to Make Good Money Online in Nigeria

In this post we will show you numerous ways of making good money online here in Nigeria. There are thousands of articles online with this similar topic (how to make good money online) but am sure you often get frustrated when you spend time reading and at the end find out it is never worth your time.

At times most writers and content creators create useless content online just to catch your attention or promote their business or affiliation. Here we are not going to do all of that, we have carefully gone through various research stages plus we are experts when it comes to online business and money making.

How to Make Good Money Online in Nigeria

So, if you are seek and tired of going through useless post on numerous occasions without achieving a dine, consider that a thing of the past as we will show you legitimate ways of making millions online with little or no capital.

Before we get into the business proper, we have to help in building your mind set towards money making. There is a popular saying that “nothing good comes easy” so, even the easiest way of making good money online is not easy.

How to Make Good Money Online in Nigeria

1. Blogging

Well, this is one of the most popular ways of making money online in Nigeria or in the world at large. But if you probably hearing this for the first time, then you don’t need to worry as we will explain everything like we earlier promised.

Well, blogging involves creating relevant contents (information, audio, videos, projects) and publishing it on the internet for interested readers or users. This is basically sitting down to make creative or in-demand stuffs for potential users.

What exactly I blog about?

There are thousands if not millions of things to blog about. Several things to blog about include sports, music, movies, where to, how to, products, services, places, entertainment in general and lifestyle etc.

So how do I make money from Blogging?

There are many ways to make money from blogging but am going to share there with you.

  • Direct Advertistment

This is basically advertising product banners, services or just any content on your website for your client. This involves negotiating terms and how long the advert will run, then get paid by the client. But before you can achieve this, your site must be popular to some extent in a particular region.

  • Product Sales

This is the second method of making money from blogging. Here you’ve got to have your own product offline, write and publish it online with your contact, be it phone number, email or whatever contact means you have that prospective buyers can get to you. This is not limited to products only, you can as well write about you services and when contacted you deliver the service to the interested client

  • Google Adsense

  This is the juicy methods of making money via blogging in Nigeria. This involves allowing Google to placed ads on your site so visitors can see, then you make money for every impression or valid clicks. This method seems to be the most used in not just Nigeria but across the world. There are several conditions your site must meet before being eligible for this ads display on your site. One of those is, you must write unique content (not copied) and your site must have been in existence for some period of time. There are several other conditions we which will publish here on this site later.

That’s that about making money via blogging but if you don’t have any idea about blogging or how to set a blog/website then we can help you with that. Drop your concern in the comment box below.

2. Vlogging

This is one of the simplest ways of making money online currently. Several Nigerians and people all over the world are including myself are making so much money through this method. Well, just in case you have never come across the word “Vlogging”, this basically means video blogging. It is a brother to blogging, it involves creating video content and publishing it on the Youtube platform for interested viewers to watch.

What Videos do I publish?

Just like blogging, there are several video content you can create example sports, music, health, movies, where to, how to, products, services, places, entertainment in general and lifestyle etc.

So how do I make money from Vlogging?

Just like blogging, there are several ways of making money from Vlogging but am going to share with you just two. However, with your own initiative and as you grow in the business you can develop other several means of making cash from Vlogging.

  • Direct Advertistment

This is quite similar to the one I explain in Blogging, it involves collecting materials from clients to advertise on your channel and get paid.

Note: the materials you advertise on your channel must be related to what you Vlog about and must not be violent related content.

  • Google Adsense

This is another lucrative way of earning massive income from Vlogging. It involves allowing google to place advert on your youtube videos and you will be paid each time someone watches your video. Google ads seems to be the most cheapest and lucrative way of making money from Vlogging. However, there are certain criteria you have to meet before being eligible to have those ads running on your channel which we will share in other article on this very blog.

 3. Affiliate Marketing

This is a 21st century most popular means of making money. This involves getting little percentage from once business by telling the public about a particular company or directing buyers to the company product. There are several Affiliate marketing companies which I want to share with you here in this post.

  • Jumia Affiliate

This is one of the most reliable affiliating partners in Nigeria. As one of the largest online store in Africa, Jumia do affiliate with people to promote their platform and in the get paid. This is actually simple, especially if you are on facebook or any other social media platform as you only need to place banners or promote products by writing about them and including your affiliate link so prospective buyers can follow and buy.

  • Amazon Affiliate

Just to let you know if you didn’t, Amazon is the world largest store and they also run affiliate programs as well. Similar to Jumia, you have to sign up with this US based company through their affiliate portal. After the complete registration with Amazon you will have access to affiliate links and banners which you can place where ever you have the necessary audience. However, at the end of the month your gains will be accumulated and paid to you.

  • SFI

This is another reliable source of making money online. Just as Jumia and Amazon, it involves advertising their products by placing banners and affiliate links in public spaces most especially facebook, twitter or blogs. Advantages of affiliating with this platform include referral bonus (paid when you refer anyone to join the platform), point accumulation payment (you get paid for day to day activity on the platform including reading notice and other information).

These are the few sure ways of making good money online here in Nigeria. The good thing about this these platforms we are sharing with you is that you do not need any capital to start it up at all. There are several other ways to still make good money here in Nigeria which we will share with you in our subsequent post but for now if you invest in the few we have put out here, you surely will make some good money for yourself.

However, like I earlier said “nothing benefiting comes easy” so you have to put in all the work you can especially at the initial stage to make sure it works. Air you comment and views in the comment box below.

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