How to Apply for Prepaid Meter Online in Lagos

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What Is the Cost of a Prepaid Meter in Nigeria, and When Does Prepaid Meter Installation Start? are two questions that Nigerian electricity users frequently ask.

Nigerian electricity customers will be relieved to learn that NERC is prepared to keep its promise to close the metering gap and end estimated billing in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

How to Apply for Prepaid Meter Online in Lagos

The largest electricity distribution company in Nigeria, Ikeja Electric, offers residents of Lagos State the chance to use technology as a remedy for difficulties with bill payments. Prepaid electricity metres are preferable to estimated bill payments because the former operates on a debit basis, allowing customers to buy power units and use electricity conveniently without having to deal with a bill-payment system.

This is the procedure to apply for a prepaid meter from Ikeja Electric for residents in Lagos State:


In Lagos State, applying to Ikeja Electric for a special account number for the property is the first step in getting a prepaid metre. The application process involves the customer supplying pertinent information required by Ikeja Electric. In order to complete the Ikeja Electric Agreement Form, customers must provide personal information about themselves, including their name, residential address, type of property, and intended use for the property. Additionally, the customer’s employer must be identified and their name, contact information, and a legitimate form of identification must be provided.

Additionally, a certified electrical engineer or accredited contractor must fill out the Agreement Form with information on the property’s load requirements, including the number of light fixtures, ceiling fans, cookers, water heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances.

A Commercial Officer of Ikeja Electric is expected to provide the GPS coordinates, GPS Latitude, and GPS Longitude as additional information. After Ikeja Electric approves, the customer is given a special account number for the property. It’s crucial to clarify that the term “customer” in this context refers to the person or business asking Ikeja Electric for an accredited account number.


The next step is the MAP registration, which entails a customer with Ikeja Electric engaging in the Know-Your-Customer process with Ikeja Electric after having the unique account number ready. This MAP registration can be completed online at on the Ikeja Electric website. After entering your mobile number, email address, and password, you must create a Security Key on the platform as the first step in the MAP registration process. The Know-Your-Customer procedure continues with updating the Record after the Security Key has been successfully created on the platform. The information needed at this point includes the customer’s name, birth date (18 years or older), bank verification number (BVN), and identification number of any form of identification accepted from the drop-down options, ┬ápassport, address of the customer, and an uploaded picture of chosen means of identification.

The process then moves on to the stage where debt is settled. The debts owed by the customer to Ikeja Electric are to be paid off using one of the following payment plans: full payment, which the customer receives a 15% discount for; three monthly installments, which the customer receives a 10% discount for; or partial payments to be paid over time. You could make this payment online or at a reputable bank. The next step is the Review, which happens after the customer makes payment and accepts the Terms and Conditions.


The field survey procedure will now move on to step two after MAP registration is finished. The field survey’s goal is to identify the best type of metre for the customer’s load. Depending on this, the metre would either be a single-phase metre or a three-phase metre. If the customer shares a service cable with another tenant or apartment during the field survey, the customer will need to separate the cable. A certified electrician is able to separate the cables.


An invoice would be sent to the customer for payment after the type of metre was chosen based on the load requirements of the customer’s property. The price is N48,263.37 for a Single Phase Prepaid Meter and N89,069.33 for a Three Phase Prepaid Meter.


The installation of the metre comes next after the customer has paid for the necessary metre for his property and Ikeja Electric has confirmed that payment has been made. The confirmation of the payment for the metre typically takes ten working days. Ikeja Electric employees are responsible for installing the metres. Through the prepaid metre, the installation thus connects the customer’s property to the public electricity supply.


Another gadget called the EDMI box is included with the installed prepaid metre. A portable device called the EDMI is used as a customer interface unit and has full prepayment functionality. The EDMI device must be linked to the prepaid metre once the metre installation has been completed correctly. A piece of paper with the metre number, two token numbers, and the EDMI device’s serial number is included. To register the EDMI device to the metre outside the property, the metre number must be entered into the device. The two twenty-digit token numbers that were issued along with the metre and EDMI device are then entered one after the other into the device to activate it.

Customers must visit to complete or update their information in order to apply for the prepaid metre. For more information, they can also call 01-448-3900, 01-700-0250, or 0700-022-5543 or send an email to

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