How is Online Customer Support Different from Offline Customer Service?


A customer is a human, an individual that buys goods and services from another company or organisation. Customers are important because they are catalystss to a business getting to its climax.

Customer service experience is key to getting your business going, whether online or offline. This process has a direct link with the customers and how they are treated.

Customer service experiences are obviously different from each other, depending on what they do and how they are carried out whether physical or online, it all depends on the brand’s business goals and objective going forward.


This is the process of providing customers with the necessary solutions and services in order to solve their queries regarding the products or services they bought, intend to get, or make a request, ask questions, and file complaints. To solve their puzzles, the company’s customer representative is expected to provide expertise, support, and any kind of assistance they need. These services are both available on online and offline customer platforms.

5 types of customer service

  • Traditional, brick-and-mortar support
  • Email
  • Messaging and chat
  • Phone
  • Self-service


In any online customer experience, the customer-rep experience and relationship take place online. There is no face-to-face meeting and interaction with the product owners, and it has its advantages as well as disadvantages. For instance, the customers do not need to transport themselves to a shop to get answers about a product or question since the interaction is supposed to take place online.  For instance, o if you want to buy a battery and shoe then you have to go to 2 different shops as these products are different and hence it leads to time wastage.

On the negative side, there are parts of products and services that the customers may have to make deep inquiries which online interactions may not provide. Offline business owners take advantage of this and can offer personalized and personal service to their customers thereby helping their customers solve problems which in turn keep them.

Hence, offline services provide assistance to customers in a more personal manner than online services which rather rely on email, the telephone, or the internet, and face-to-face customer service experience. 

The main difference between online customer service from offline customer service is basically technology. With technology, there is now a massive evolution in the customer service world. With that said, Online and offline have their own advantages as well as disadvantage.

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