Eloswag emerges BBNaija Season 7 First Head of House

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EloSwag, a housemate from season 7 of Big Brother Naija, has been named the season’s first Head of House.

This was revealed on Monday night following the inaugural Head of House games for the Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates.

Eloswag emerges BBNaija Season 7 First Head of House

Eloswag emerged as the top-performing housemate when the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates played the HoH games together in the arena.

Hence, he was named the first Head of House for the season by Big Brother after his performance.

Level 1 meets Level 2 Occupants

During the HoH games on Monday night, the Level 1 roommates first got to know the Level 2 housemates.

Big Brother described how the housemates ended up being in different houses during the competition before the games began.

Prior to the start of the show, two housemates were partnered and had their names put on two cards, one in black and white and the other in a variety of colors.

The Level 2 house is home to the first group of housemates that entered the show on Saturday. Housemates with their names on the multicolored card are from this house.

The member of the Level 1 House who entered the show on Sunday is the one whose name appeared on the black and white card.

Head of House Games

There were two phases to the HoH games. The first stage involved all of the housemates, while the second step only involved the top five.

According to Biggie, the game’s victor will be crowned HoH and automatically spare his or her fellow Level (1 or 2) housemates from potential eviction.

Bryann, Dotun, Khalid, Cyph, and Eloswag all advanced to the next round. Eloswag became the first HoH of the season after winning the stage following the round.

Fans now await the twist and intrigues expected to follow this drama as we progress to another phase of the show.

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