Eleyele College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

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Eleyele College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

The screening exercise of Eleyele College of Nursing is forthcoming. In the interim, it is advisable to engage in rigorous academic preparation as the examination is expected to be challenging.

The admission criteria for Eleyele College of Nursing stipulate that only students with exceptional academic performance are considered for admission. It is imperative for prospective students to engage in diligent and rigorous academic preparation to attain the requisite high scores. Prospective students are encouraged to obtain a copy of our study materials, which may increase their likelihood of achieving a high level of academic success.

The School of Nursing past questions for Eleyele can provide insight into the structure of their examination questions. In the event of possessing sufficient cognitive abilities, one would be able to discern the recurring inquiries. Questions that are frequently encountered should be addressed and comprehensively understood.

The present study material pertains to the Eleyele College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers, encompassing the subjects of Use of English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The material is presented in a PDF format, which is universally compatible with all electronic devices and can be accessed without the need for an internet connection.


Eleyele College of Nursing Past Questions

Sample of Eleyele College Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following infection is unlikely to respond to antibiotics treatment?
(b) measles
(C) typhoid fever
(d) ringworm

2. Pest can be controlled without the subsequent danger of polluting the ecosystem by
(a) spraying the ecosystem with pesticide
(b) keeping the population of natural enemies constant
(c) increasing the population of natural enemies of the pest
(d) eliminating the natural enemies of the pests

3. Autotrophs are also describes as
(a) consumers
(b) carnivores
(d) decomposers

4. Which of the following bones is NOT a component of the appendicular skeleton?
(a) tibia
(b) sacrum
(c) radius
(d) humerus

5. If two parents are sickle cell carries then their genotypes would be
(a) HbΛ HbΛ and HbΛ HbΛ
(b) Hbs Hbs and Hbs Hbs
(c) HbΛ HbΛ and Hbs Hbs
(d)HbΛ Hbs and HbΛ Hbs

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