Day 16: Bryann, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid and Phyna are Nominated – BBNaija

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Adekunle took home the prize for Level 1 in the HoH Games. He had 30 minutes as HoH after winning to choose the five Housemates who will be subject to eviction at the Sunday Live Show. Christy O and Cyph were the first two Evicted Housemates, and Doyin was very upset upon learning of their departure when she exited the Arena today.

Bryann Groovy Ilebaye Khalid and Phyna are Nominated

Because of the confusion caused by the transition to different Houses, the Level 1 Housemates were unable to speak with Adekunle about who they believed should be nominated. His housemates can provide suggestions, but they are not allowed to make nominations for him.

Biggie called Adekunle to the diary room when they had finally settled into their new House and were having conversations about Nominations.

Adekunle is the new HoH after winning HoH on Day 16 of the BBNaija reality show.

Adekunle said to Big Brother in the diary room that he feels like he accomplished something by becoming the head of the house. When invited to enter nominations, the newly elected HoH sang like a canary and nominated as follows:



Khalid has been nominated for potential eviction in week two and is still the front-runner for HoH after three weeks. He was chosen by Adekunle because, in his opinion, he is a “very powerful game player” who poses a danger to the other Level 1 Housemates. Hermes nominated him last week for the same reason.



Adekunle lacks a compelling reason to nominate Ilebaye because he hasn’t had the chance to get to know her. She should also be nominated, though, because her housemates have disparaged her in their conversations.



Once more, Phyna is chosen as a potential eviction candidate among the housemates. Adekunle and Hermes both chose her for similar reasons—she poses a threat to the other Housemates. The team’s “strong base” is Phyna, according to Adekunle. He believes that if you shake the foundation, the rest of the group may also fall.


Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemate

Bryann appears in the Nomination list for the first time. The other Housemates are in danger because Adekunle sees him as a cunning player of games. Because of the plan, he has become stronger, and he wants to get rid of the powerful Housemate.


Big Brother season 7 Housemate

If Phyna were to be evicted, Groovy would be a potential replacement foundation, according to Adekunle. He could be capable of doing the job, and Adekunle cannot afford to have another threat inside the Level 2 House.

Pharmsavi lowered herself onto the couch in relief as Biggie named all the Nominated Housemates, and Amaka shifted closer to Phyna to console her.

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