Day 10: Chichi’s got a thing for Deji – BBNaija

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When Deji remarked that people are drawn to him by his beautiful looks, he wasn’t lying. He seemed to have attracted Chichi’s attention after only two days in the Big Brother Naija House.

Day 10: Chichi's got a thing for Deji – BBNaija

Since the moment he entered the House, she has had her eyes on him. She had a talk with Chomzy today, and all she could say about him was, “Damn.” Despite her insistence that their relationship is casual, we couldn’t help but notice how much she smiled when Chomzy mentioned him. She thinks he is gorgeous.

Before Chomzy intervened, the couple was spotted making out and having a private talk. Even the Level 1 housemates have noted how closely they are knit together, and they are surprised to see Chichi snuggling up to Deji given that she has shown no interest in chit-chatting with the male housemates. Possibly, she had discovered the right one.

The #BBNaija geng came up with the moniker “DeChi” even though Chichi is dubious because they appear to enjoy this developing ship. You must admit, it has a good ring to it.

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