College of Nursing Hadejia Past Questions And Answers

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College of Nursing Hadejia Past Questions And Answers

College of Nursing Hadejia is one of the greatest nursing schools in Nigeria’s Eastern region, with a reputation for academic distinction. This year’s application to this famous institution is unique, and hopefuls will need more than luck to succeed.

There are no exceptions when it comes to admission to the School of Nursing Hadejia. Don’t be fooled, the easiest approach to be admitted is to sit down and study hard. We have diligently compiled School of Nursing Hadejia Past Questions and Answers particularly for you.

Samples of College of Nursing Hadejia Past Questions And Answers

1. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
(a) molecules of a liquid are stationary
(b) atoms combine to form molecules
(c) the molecules of matter are in constant motion
(d) Brownian motion is an evidence of particle nature of matter.

2. Determine elastic constant of a spring if a force of 1 N stretches it by

3. Which of the following objects is NOT in stable equilibrium?
(a) a car with wide base and low centre of gravity
(b) a ball in the middle of a bowl
(c) a car with narrow base and high centre of gravity
(d) a cone resting on its base

4. Which of the following is not true of boiling?
(a) temperature is constant during boiling
(b) occurs throughout the entire volume of the liquid
(c) takes place at all temperatures
(d) it is change from liquid in vapour at the boiling point

5. A swimming pool viewed directly from above its surface appears to bev12m deep. Find the real depth. (refractive index of water
(a) 16m

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