How to Check Polaris Account Balance with Phone USSD Code

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How to Check Polaris Account Balance with Phone USSD Code.

Here in this post we will show you how to check your Polaris account balance with phone using the USSD code. Just in case you are wondering or not aware how you can check your Polaris account balance using the mobile USSD Code then we are here to help you do so in a moment.

How to Check Polaris Account BalanceHow to Check Polaris Account Balance

The unstructured supplementary service code (USSD) is a combination of numbers and special character. This was made available by the telecommunication industry. Initially this technology was solely used in the telecommunication industry to solve customer related problems.

However, in order to reduce high number of turnout in the banking mall, the banking industry equally decided to tap into the idea.

This in my opinion has worked perfectly as customer sit back at home to perform most of the task they should have gone to bank to. This has indeed reduced the high number of turnout in the bank to some percentage even though most of the customers are not familiar with this technology as yet.

The USSD Code usage has some advantage and disadvantage as. In as much as you can perform some task at the comfort of your, it most time comes with a price as you are charged for most of the services especially if it involves transaction with another financial institution or any other third party transaction.

Formerly known as Skye Bank, Polaris changed their nomenclature September 2018 leading to some innovative turnaround in the bank. Polaris as newly called is one of the most trusted financial institutions in Nigeria offering quality service their customers nationwide.

What You can Do With USSD Code

Aside withdrawing physical cash, USSD code does almost everything you can think of. There are numerous reasons you should consider using the USSD Code for your personal banking. Some of the aspect you should consider this method is that it is fast, convenient, you don’t need to visit the banking mall to carryout transaction. Here are some the transactions you can carry-out using the USSD code.

  1. Check your Polaris account
  2. Transfer money to Polaris and other banks in Nigeria
  • Top-up airtime in your phone and for others
  1. Manage your bank details such as password reset and update
  2. Settle Paid-TV bills such as DStv, GoTv, StarTimes, Kwese, TsTv, etc
  3. Pay NEPA bill
  • Pay Water bill
  • Book Hotels and flights
  1. Transfer foreign currencies to and from domiciliary account etc.
S/N Services USSD Codes
1 How to open an account Dial *833*1# and follow the onscreen prompts
2 How to sign up for Polaris Mobile USSD Code Dial *833# from your Polaris Bank registered line
3 How to transfer Fund Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*1000*1234567890#)
4 How to Check account balance Dial *833*6# from your Polaris Bank registered line
5 How to buy airtime for self Dial *833*amount#
6 How to buy airtime for others dial*833*amount*phonenumberR#
7 How to access other service Dial *833#

Above is the list of what you can do with Polaris bank USSD Code here in Nigeria. This has been the most innovative way the banking industry has used in reducing stress in the banking system for both workers and customers. However, it is safe, easily accessible, less expensive and moreover you can do this right from the comfort of your home or anywhere as it does not require internet service.

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Hope we got you covered in this very topic as we tend to have covered the basic information in this very subject of discussion. However, if you still need further clarification in this topic or any other topic we have written here on this site, feel free to drop your questions and comment in the comment section below.

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