Causes & How to Cure Bad Breath Permanently in Nigeria

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Causes & How to Cure Bad Breath Permanently in Nigeria

Have you ever walked or talked with a person and find yourself constantly looking the other way instead
of facing the person talking with you? Or is it the other way round that people either stand at king distances or cover their nostrils stylishly when talking with you? The reason why people or you cover your nose against such people is because of the foul odour that oozes out from their mouth while they speak. In reality, 1 out of every 7 person in Nigeria has bad breath.
Bad breath is also called Halitosis, it is a stubborn, perpetual, persistent and an unpleasant odour from
the mouth.

Halitosis does not usually cause any other health disorder, only that it embarrasses and portrays a poor hygiene of the victim to his or her listener. The most common cause of bad breadth is an unhealthy oral hygiene (ie. Not brushing the teeth and gums regularly or well enough). Most people eat and not rinse their mouths well and the food particles still stick around in the mouth until bacteria acts on the particles, decay them and in the process produce a foul smell.
We’ll enumerate some common causes of bad breath in Nigeria. Although the list may not be a conclusive one, it is just intended to be a guide to the most common. We’ll also proffer possible solutions to the causes individually.

Causes And How to Cure Bad Breath Permanently

1. Dental Hygiene: When the teeth and tongue is not properly brushed and kept neat, bacteria broods on left over food particle in the mouth and cause a foul scent ultimately.

The accumulation of this foul scent produces a terrible and offensive odour from a person’s mouth when he speaks.
In order to remedy this, people should brush their teeth at least twice a day with a good toothbrush.

The toothbrush you also use could also determine how well you’ll’ brush your teeth.
Get a good affordable toothbrush and a trusted toothpaste.

Oral treatment is not something to be overlooked by anyone. When brushing, brush from up to down not from left to right PR right to left and make sure to brush the tongue effectively since the tongue does most of the rolling of food particles.

2. Medications: Some kinds of drugs contributes greatly to mouth odour. Some of them includes supplements (when taken in large dose), nitrates, chemotherapy chemicals, phenothiazines, etc.

When these drugs breakdown, they tend to produce time foul scent in the airways of people thereby causing their breath to have an irritating odour. When a person is being treated using some of these drugs that contaminate the breath of people, it is advised that the person brushes few minutes after taking in the drugs and at the same time, take in fruits and confectioneries that will kill the odour since it is temporary.

3. Insufficient saliva in the mouth: sometimes, due to diseases such as xerostomia, the human
losses a great deal of saliva.  When there is insufficient saliva in the mouth, the mouth begins to smell. One of the function of saliva is to perpetually cleanse the mouth and When saliva is insufficient, the mouth smells.
When a person has xerostomia, he or she should immediately visit the hospital immediately.

4. Tobacco: people who consume tobacco are prone to have bad breath. The use of tobacco
should be reduced to the minimal.

5. Vomit: When a person vomits, the breath of the person is bound to smell and in order to stop it,
mouth was should be used to rinse the mouth after every vomit.

Generally, bad breath is embarrassing and it scares people away. Those affected should so their best
to fight it off and if after doing all you can, especially correcting your oral hygiene, see a doctor. The
bad breath may result from a serious distinction in the body’s internal organs.

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