Cameras for Homes and Businesses: Which are the Best Options in 2022?

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A security camera can do wonders in safeguarding your home or business. For that, you’d have to install it and utilise it the right way. Most importantly, you must get the best products that you can find for that.

Now, you might not find that as easy as it sounds. After all, there are so many viable options that you can choose from. Therefore, you might need some help in finding the best one for your requirements. In that case, we have a list of the overall best options of CCTV cameras to choose from currently.

Cameras for Homes and Businesses

Top 9 Home and Business CCTV Cameras

You can find security cameras with a wide range of features in the market. After all, not all users have the same requirement from them. So, the one that’s best for you might not be so for the next person.

Also, in case you’re considering buying a replacement security camera, make sure whether you really need it. For that, you can consult a reliable CCTV repair Dubai.

Here are the best models you can choose from if you decide to buy a security camera:

1.   Nest Cam Indoor

Looking for an easy-to-use indoor camera? Then, this model made by Google is among the top choices for you. Not only that, but it also provides you with high-quality 1080P footage.

Many users would also want optimal nighttime functions in their security cameras. This model offers a perfect choice for that requirement as well. On top of that, it comes with a strong and sturdy design and other great features.

You can control this camera with a mobile app or with voice commands. Also, you can get it at a very reasonable price, considering what it offers you.

1.   Arlo Pro 3

If you’re searching for the best options, you must try out this model from Arlo. It has one of the most durable designs that you’ll find in CCTV cameras currently. As it’s meant for outdoor use, it comes with optimal weather protection as well. Apart from that, you only need to charge its battery once every few months. This model also includes a motion sensor and a siren, among other useful features. It also provides you with crystal-clear nighttime image quality.

The price is comparably high as compared to some of the options given here but still reasonable. Also, there are suitable alternatives if you’re looking for one that suits your budget.

2.   Zmodo EZ Cam

Looking for a budget security camera? Then, this model is one of the best you’ll find in that category. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provides you with a 115-degree view. Apart from that, it also offers quite a decent image quality of 720P. You’d also like its simple yet attractive design, which also includes optimal weather-proofing. Moreover, this model comes with wireless functions and night vision as well.

Overall, it provides you with great value for money. You can also check out other models from Zmodo if you’re looking for more features.

3.   Wyze Cam Outdoor

Here’s another suitable option for you if you’re looking for a budget outdoor camera. This model offers you a 1080P image quality at an incredible price. But, it’s more suitable for use at home than for businesses. It’s effortless to install at any location within quite a short time. So, it’s a perfect choice for you if you’re new to using security cameras. Also, the wireless functioning adds to the ease of use it provides. But, you must use quality equipment with it if you want optimal performance.

4.   Logitech Circle 2

Are you looking for a suitable camera to use accessories with? Then, you might want to give this model a try. You can choose between wired and wireless options, which have slightly varying prices. Apart from that, there is a wide range of accessories that you can use with it.

In that regard, it’s probably the best option among all the items on this list. Like most of the other models mentioned here, it provides you with a 1080P image quality. The wireless model can last up to 2 months each time, after a full battery recharge. Moreover, it asks for quite a low budget as compared to the others listed here.

5.   Smart Outdoor Camera from Netatmo

The most remarkable feature of this model is its large floodlight. It lets you get a clear view of your outdoor surroundings during nighttime. Moreover, you can keep an eye up to 20 feet away from where you place it. Not only that, but it can also detect motion without any issues, up to the same distance.

This model is a suitable choice for monitoring outdoor areas of businesses. You can control it with a mobile app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The weatherproofing is optimal for outdoor use, and you can locally store the footage. By paying a little extra, you can get a variant of this model that features a siren.

6.   Blink XT2

This model is probably the easiest to install on our list. Moreover, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. But for business purposes, you might look for more professional options. Other than that, this model can work just fine for monitoring your home and its surroundings.

You can also add as many cameras as you need for creating an effective security system. But, then you must make sure to get a strong Wi-Fi connection first, as this model is wireless. Once you fulfil this requirement, this model will provide you with a 1080P image quality.

7.   Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2

Want a doorbell camera for your home? This model from Ring is simply among the best you can buy right now. Apart from the lens, it also features a smart doorbell. Also, you can control it very easily with a mobile application. You’ll get a notification that someone is at the door even before they ring the bell.

With a 1080P recording, it’ll get you a very clear view of objects and people in front of it. Also, this model features effective weather protection to make it suitable for outdoor use. It’s currently available at a very reasonable price on various online platforms.

8.   Zosi CCTV system

When it comes to business requirements, you can do quite well with a traditional security system. If that’s what you’re looking for, this model is one of the best budget options out there. It features wired cameras that you must tune into a TV monitor.

As in all traditional models, this one requires hard drive storage. Also, you can use either a VGA or an HDMI connection with this system. Regardless of whether it’s day or night, this model provides you with 1080P footage quality.

This system comes with 4 cameras, but you can add another 4 to it. In that case, you’ll also get an upgrade to 4K from 1080P. Also, you can view the footage anytime you want using an Android or iOS app.


There’s a much wider range of options available than what we’ve listed here. We have simply mentioned the best among them. So, you can choose any of these security cameras as per your requirements. They’ll surely provide you with the best performance that you want for your property and the residents.

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