Bolanle Ninalowo’s Wife: All You Need to Know

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Bolanle Ninalowo’s Wife: All You Need to Know
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Bolanle Ninalowo Wife
Bolanle Ninalowo is a well-known actor and film producer from Nigeria. He has appeared in several critically acclaimed Nollywood home videos, including Ghetto Bred, Night Bus to Lagos, Desperate Baby Mama, and Picture Perfect.

On May 7, 1980, Bolanle was born to Alhaji Jamiu Ninalowo and Alhaja R. Ninalowo in the Lagos State municipality of Ikorodu. Bolanle Ninalowo, a DeVry University-trained accountant, previously worked as a banker in General Growth Properties in the US and is now employed by Guarantee Trust Company (GTCO) in Nigeria after returning to his native country in 2010. In addition, Bolanle wrote the well-regarded book Shame to Fame. His wife is Bunmi Bolanle.

This essay aims to illuminate Mrs. Bolanle Ninalowo and unearth important facts about her.


Bunmi was on September 10, 1981.


When Bunmi and Bolanle first met in 2004, their paths diverged. The two quickly built a connection that eventually led to a blossoming romance. In the same year, they were married. The couple’s seventeen-year marriage resulted in the birth of a boy and a girl. Their children’s names are Aliyah Ninalowo and Morankinyo Ninalowo, respectively. Since Aliyah was born in 2006 and Morankinyo was born in 2008, Aliyah is now 15 years old.

Both Bunmi and Bolanle were relatively young at the time of their marriage; their ages were 23 and 24, respectively. As a result, roughly ten years into their marriage, the pair began to have marital difficulties, which contributed to the two-year break Bunmi and her husband took when they were unable to put up with each other’s excesses and fears. In multiple posts and interviews, Bunmi said that along the course of her husband’s development, he turned selfish and relegated his wife’s desires to the background. Bolanle also acknowledged that his relationship with Bunmi had deteriorated to the point that he despised her and behaved in ways that were unworthy of his wife.

Both Bunmi and Bolanle had the chance to think back and clarify their relationship during their two-year hiatus. Following the hiatus, Bunmi and Bolanle reconnected with a fresh sense of respect and esteem for one another. The marriage was given a fresh start as a result.

Bunmi and Bolanle’s marriage has gotten considerably stronger since their reunion than it was previously. The actor has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for his wife’s return and how much he values her understanding and support. The family lives in Lagos State with their kids.


Bunmi Bolanle is an entrepreneure. She also earns money by serving as a brand ambassador and advocate. She has over 287,000 Instagram followers, and the average person who views her page is between the ages of 25 and 40, with more women than men seeing her profile, which fits the target demographic. Bolanle has a popular and active Instagram account with the handle queennino b, which gives potential brands interested in working with her the chance to connect with any potential clients she may have among her followers.

She represents the brand of wholesalenaija, a significant retailer of human hair, wigs, and wig accessories. To the amazement of her admirers, she can be seen wearing various styles of human hair, weaves, and wigs on Instagram. Not excluding uncontrollable situations, the correct products meeting the right audience leads to higher sales and sales leads for the hair dealer. Her social media network gives other comparable small and medium businesses the chance to connect with customers who are likely to turn into leads and sales.

Bunmi Ninalowo also works as a consultant for DNJ Properties; a company called DNJ Properties that sells and rents out real estate. In addition, DNJ Properties’ portfolio of properties offers security, parking spaces, gyms, sanitization services, alarm systems, and general property services. Lagos State, the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Oyo State, Rivers State, and Kano State are all home to properties owned by DNJ Properties. The Makanaki Brand is overseen by Bunmi Bolanle as well. Both members of the pair are engaged in the development of House of Makanaki.

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