What’s the Best Way to Send Money From Canada to Nigeria?

Looking for where and how to send money from Canada to Nigeria?  Here we will provide a comprehensive insight into how you can safely and securely move money from Nigeria to Canada without any form of stress and fear.

Cash pickup – With cash pickup service you can send money from Canada to Nigeria using the following bank branch:

  • FCMB Bank,
  • Fidelity Bank,
  • Access Bank,
  • Zenith Bank and
  • Polaris Bank. The cash will usually be ready to collect within minutes.

Bank transfer – You can use a bank transfer to transfer money to accounts with Zenith Bank,
First Bank,
Polaris Bank,
GT Bank and
Access Bank and the funds will be credited instantly.

N/B: While sending to Naira accounts is no longer possible, you can still send to your loved ones via USD cash pickup or directly to their domiciliary accounts!

Once you have a provider chosen, follow these steps to execute your CAD to NGN overseas funds transfer.

Step by Step Guide to do a Money Transfer from Canada to Nigeria

  • Click through to the provider’s site and register an account.
  • Provide documentation for ID proof, and related information that the provider may need as part of compliance and regulatory checks they need to do.
  • Add recipient information including their bank account in Nigeria if paying via ACH direct deposit or bank transfer.
  • Enter your sending amount, and initiate a transaction.
  • Pay for your transaction via your Canada bank account or alternative methods like a debit card.
  • Sit back and relax, and see your money travel to Nigeria!

How it works

_____Sending via USD Cash Pickup

For USD Senders:

  1. Upgrade your app
  2. Add a new Nigerian recipient
  3. Enter the amount you want to send or your recipient to receive
  4. Confirm your transaction
  5. Let your recipient know that funds are on their way

        For Recipients:

  1. Receive two SMS from Sendwave
  2. Go to any Access, Zenith, or Fidelity Bank
  3. Give the teller the voucher code & password
  4. Collect your funds
  • Sending via Domiciliary Accounts

For Existing Domiciliary Accounts:

  1. Add a New Recipient
  2. Select USD Bank Account
  3. Enter Your Recipient’s Information
  4. Send like Normal

For Auto-Generated Domiciliary Accounts

  1. Add a New Recipient
  2. Select Naira Bank Account
  3. Enter Your Recipient’s Information
  4. Send like Normal
  5. Branches

    CIBN CANADA is the Canadian branch of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN)
    CIBN International Branches
    S/N States Head/Chairmen Secretaries
    1 CIBN Branch in Canada Ms. Mary Aina, ACIB

    Tel:+1 (647) 831-2400

    Email: maryaina@hotmail.com

    Mr. David Ajimati, ACIB

    Tel: +1 (647) 917-3202

    Email: thecibncanada@gmail.com

    2 CIBN United States of America Branch Mrs. Olabisi O. Okuyemi, FCIB.

    Tel: (314)827-7070


    Mr. Kazeem O. Busari, ACIB.

    Tel:(732) 277-4288


    3 United Kingdom Mr. Ben Anwuri, FCIB

    Tel: +44 7506 239974

    Email: ben.anwuri@fcmbuk.com

    Mr. Longinus Anyanjo, FCIB

    Tel: +44 7818 555992

    Email: lonvera@yahoo.com

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