Benefit of Having ICAN Certificate

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Benefit of Having ICAN Certificate.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria.

It is one of the two professional accountancy associations with regulatory authority in Nigeria, the other being the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN).

The relationship between the two organizations has been tense. In 2007 ICAN attempted to have the bill establishing ANAN declared void.

Benefit of Having ICAN Certificate

Becoming a Chartered Accountant combines innovative education with mentored work experience, to produce accountants who possess a greater ability to analyze and interpret business problems and develop dynamic solutions.

Perhaps that’s why Chartered Accountants have the edge over their counterparts: they rise further and faster into more diverse and important roles in organizations.

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In practice, you are not yet an accountant until you sit for ICAN or other accounting professional examinations and passed all the prescribed examinations, then, been inducted by the authority of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) of Nigeria before you get a professional license to practice.

One major benefit of ICAN certificate is that it complements your accounting course at the university or other HEIs. This gives you an edge and stands you out as a professional in such a field.

This will help you know what the professional practice entails and what path you should take.

Almost every course has a professional examination to go with.

Another benefit of ICAN is that Chartered Accountants usually have entrepreneur skills with a solid foundation in economics, marketing, and management information systems.

In recent, Accountants take on the role of a business advisor, aimed at driving business, improving profit margins and increasing market share for their clients/employers.

Many Chartered Accountants also use their expertise to form their own businesses, becoming highly successful entrepreneurs.

Another benefit of an ICAN member is that you will have a global recognition – meaning; with your accounting professional qualification, you can work anywhere as an accountant. You can practice anywhere and be recognized. No other career offers the mobility that a Chartered Accountancy’s qualification does.

The Chartered Accountancy qualification opens the door to a vast range of exciting career opportunities, in every sector of business and finance, both in Nigeria and internationally.

Chartered Accountants are in constant demand both at home and abroad, being recognized for their technical competence, professional standards, and veracity. It gives you that competitive edge in securing jobs in Nigeria.

The Benefit of ICAN programme for aspirants and undergraduate

The institute of chattered Accountant Nigeria ICAN give opportunity to all scholars from all field ( science/Art and social science ) to become a certified chartered Accountant.

There are different stages of ICAM starting from Ats to the end.

ICAN requirement
It depend of the level you want to start from for the ican programme however your olevel result is one of the entrance requirement.


O level
National diploma
Higher national diploma

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