“Fear men! Linus, Never let a confused man waste your energy”-BBNaija’s Tacha Consoles Liquorose Over Emmanuel’s Betrayal

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“We are nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator”, an adage that defines everything we stand for and what the world is all about. It also mirrors the already storied BBNAIJA season 6 reunion, with Emmanuel drawing every bit of emotions out of Liquorose just like a pencil does with its breakable ink stick.

BBNaija’s Tacha Consoles Liquorose Over Emmanuel’s Betrayal

The reunion is ironically a series of truths; ‘things have fallen apart for most persons and has also fallen in place for some.

EMMAROSE, in the end, ended without any iota of rose as a present. A rosy story between two love-inspired individuals now turns tragedic. Is LOVE actually blind or Beautiful? What were they thinking when they get in? IS BBNAIJA scripted? I’m sure these are some questions on the fans’ palate.

Recalled that Liquorose who is playing the role of the victim here, last week claimed that she caught Emmanuel cheating on her while on their trip to Dubai in November. This has generated loads of reactions from different personalities, one of such being TASHA, a former BBNAIJA Star.

Liquorose said, “The light was off, the music was playing, it was dark, the girl was sitting at the edge and covering her face with a facemask”.

When I caught him in the room with that girl, the light was off, so I walked out thinking that my so-called boyfriend will be after me. He didn’t look for me or call me,”.

Reacting to the twist and turns, Tasha said

According to Tasha, Emmanuel is the one at the disadvantage here and Liquorose should look beyond the fire. She said:

“Fear men! Linus Linus Linus. Welcome back to the streets Baby Girl. It’ll be Alright. Never let a confused man waste your time or energy…what you allow is what will CONTINUE!”.

“I will like to do this Ebuka work! Hahaha he said you said!! Hahahaha what!!! His loss baby Girl… Don’t sweat”.

EMMANUEL means ‘God with us’, in this case, he has gone AWOL; 100 meters away from Liquorose.

She has now realised that the popular adage- “we all are nothing but pencils in the hand of the creator”- means that we can not predict what tomorrow holds. LOVE DOES NOT ALWAYS WIN!!!

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