BBNaijaDay 47: Bella chooses rehearsals over food

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The Level Up Housemates are in big trouble after falling short in the wager task last week. For the wager presentation on Friday, Hermes has made it abundantly obvious that they must put forth the greatest amount of effort. The current argument over food in the House would be resolved as a result.

Bella chooses rehearsals over food

Earlier tonight, Biggie gave the Housemates their customary props and some upbeat music. Everyone in the house joined Phyna, the task leader, as she began to practise. The practice session proceeded even if it wasn’t an official one.
Today’s chef was Rachel because the housemates are now preparing meals as a group. No housemate followed her to help her when she walked to the kitchen to begin preparing food for everyone.

Hermes did not believe it was fair to exclude Rachel, who was preparing food for the group, by practising first. Bella objected, saying, “Now we can’t practice because of one person,” If they ate first, she reasoned, they would be too exhausted to practise.

Hermes called for the Housemates who wanted to practise before dining to raise their hands, and the only one who was up was his. He acted like a genuine democratic leader. No one had raised their hand, so neither Bella nor Sheggz did.
Hermes responded to Bella’s protest by saying that everyone had the option of choosing not to participate after eating or to only eat after practicing.

Housemates meat or chicken was ready when Rachel had finished cooking. After Rachel offered Bella chicken, she said she would rather have beef, and Rachel complied. Sheggz soon began hurling numerous slurs at the cook, seemingly believing that Rachel had refused to comply. What transpired after left the Housemates in absolute quiet and shock. Rachel responded that Sheggz should be grateful that she cooked, adding that he’s ungrateful, to which Sheggz replied, “I’m too big to talk to you” adding that Rachel is exploiting him for “Twitter clicks.”

We have seen Level Up Housemates insult each other over food before, so this is nothing new. How long the food conflicts will continue only time will tell.

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