BBNaijaDay 44: Sheggz and Bella break up!

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Sheggz ultimately gives up after whining about Bella’s attitude for a number of days. Sheggz said in a meeting where Doyin served as the mediator, “I’m through!” Bella doesn’t pay attention, and despite my repeated requests, nothing has changed in weeks.” Doyin has grown accustomed to serving as Bella and Sheggz’s therapist after seeing their furious quarrel today for the second time.
Sheggz and Bella’s argument over Bella’s dance style during the Saturday Night Party marked the beginning of their conflict. The two got into a fight outside the Party Room about unsolved concerns that this brought up.

Sheggz and Bella break up

Bella once angrily told Sheggz that he too was allowed to dance and flirt with any lady in the House, which led to Shella and Bella getting into a fight during one of Biggie’s Saturday Night Parties.

Sheila’s  first Saturday Night Party spat

Sheggzy complained to Doyin that he had tried to talk to Bella about their disagreement but that she had been unresponsive. After Bella left the room, Sheggz said to Doyin, “I’m focused on winning the money and I’m not about to do anything that will jeopardise that. I’m a nice guy and she’s a nice girl, but if it’s not working, it’s not working. ” After Bella walked back into the room with a broom to sweep, Sheggz continued, “Even if you beg me, I will not get back with her. This woman is insane!” “Don’t say that,” Doyin advised Sheggz.

Sheggz complains about Bella’s selfishness

“Everything Bella this Bella that, why can’t you just leave me alone?” A livid Bella asked “This guy he forgets to take his bath and I constantly have to remind him because I don’t want big brother to see it. but when it comes to my own, everyone must hear it.”

“I can’t speak to her because she turns everything I say around and she is super defensive,” said Sheggz to Doyin. “I get what you are saying, I really do, but she is bound to be super defensive,” said Doyin, “I think she would have gotten your point if your mode of delivery was a bit better.” Sheggz replied, “I can’t speak to her, even now, I am making points and she’s talking about things that are not even relevant. She’s so far from the point I am trying to deliver.”

“I was dancing with Chichi and Deji got behind her and they were rocking me, they didn’t even touch me but this guy blew up!” said Bella, “how can I be dancing with Chichi and you become angry? Please I’m tired, let me rest. I can’t even make a move, I can’t dance because I have a boyfriend.”

“I’m having a conversation and she’s barking,” said Sheggz to Doyin. “I’m not from the hood, I talk normally, why are you behaving like a dog?” Sheggz asked Bella. “Your behaviour is bad, you are badly behaved.” Sheggz said to Bella, “If you ask anyone in the House yeah, they will all tell you, all of them, that she is badly behaved,” he said to Doyin. “If I am badly behaved, then leave me!” said Bella “who is begging you, please leave!”

Bella is fed up with Sheggz

Will they reconcile or will this ship sink?

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