BBNaijaDay 30: New friendships and alliances

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The Level 1 Housemates, who had been waiting in the Arena awaiting Biggie’s instructions following last night’s Live Eviction Show, were given the order to enter the black and white House by a Ninja immediately following the Live Eviction Show. Their Level 2 coworkers appeared astonished as they entered, both by their presence and by the fact that Groovy wasn’t there.

BBNaijaDay 30: New friendships and alliances

Soon after they had arrived, Biggie informed them that the Levels were no longer in effect and that each Housemate was now on their own. Eloswag was seen crying after Biggie made his announcement. He might have been feeling bad about the evictions. Due to the absence of her boyfriend Groovy, Phyna was also observed sobbing.

Groovy was in the multicoloured House, so he was able to hear all Biggie said without her being aware of it.

Following the revelations, Biggie threw a party for the Housemates complete with food and beverages. The Housemates started partying right away, and several of them made an effort to reconnect with their previous neighbours.

Groovy’s return

While they were having fun, Groovy was seen being taken by a Ninja to the Garden, where the party was being held, through the black and white House. The Housemates went into a frenzy as soon as they saw him, running to give him hugs and congratulate him on making it through the Evictions.

Ships and new alliances

The newly combined Housemates discussed friendships and connections in the House during the party. Particularly upset by the hints made about his friendship with Modella, Bryann declared he would quit the relationship.

Amaka was urged to approach Giddyfia and take him for herself if she liked him while Bryann was withdrawing from the aforementioned friendship. Since he was the one who started the argument, Chichi assured Amaka that he had no romantic involvements while living in the House.

After spending some time talking with Dotun, Daniella revealed that her relationship with Khalid was genuine and that she and he would like to explore their connection away from the House.

While Bella and Sheggz were cruising, Allysyn and Hermes were seen talking about their ship. Last but not least, Deji and Chichi behaved as though they were long-lost lovers. On the dance floor, they conversed while rocking one another.

In the House, Adekunle has also seen his favourite, informing Diana that if Modella makes a move, he will return the favour, but his attention is on Daniella.

Now that the House has combined into one, we will have to wait and watch what acquaintances appear.

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