BBNaijaDay 30: Chichi and Diana’s Early Morning Fight

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BBNaijaDay 30: Chichi and Diana’s Early Morning Fight

The Level 1 Housemates experienced anxiety as they were moved into the Arena for the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show in anticipation of whatever Biggie had planned. The biggest shock was learning they would return to their original house but that other people would live there as well. Considering that everyone in the House is now a resident there, the House has actually shrunk.

BBNaijaDay 30

In order to accommodate one another during the move, locker space was a necessity.

Deji made an effort to be a gracious host by granting Diana access to his locker. Chichi overheard Diana, Allysyn, and Doyin discussing about Deji earlier, but he was unaware of this. She was upset by this chat and sobbed as she informed Phyna about it. Phyna advised her to control her emotions. She grew furious when she discovered that Deji and Diana share a locker, and she kept bringing up the subject to anybody who would listen.

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She inquired as to Diana’s perception of her as Amaka or Giddyfia as she continued to lament locker sharing.

Chichi jumped toward Diana as soon as she entered the space and Phyna had to hold her back. In an attempt to soothe her down, Phyna kept murmuring something to her, but it was ineffective.

Allysyn, Sheggz, and Bella did their utmost to prevent Chichi from posing a threat to Diana, but Chichi did not back down. She walked to Deji’s locker and threw Diana’s and his clothing all over the place.

When Deji thought back on the altercation with Adekunle and Dotun, he stated that since Chichi was not his girlfriend, he could not understand her actions.

Chichi informed Amaka that she wanted to apologize to Diana after getting out of bed. Amaka advised her to do it since it is the proper thing to do but remarked that it did not make sense for her to want to apologize after the fact as Diana had already left the room.

Was her behavior acceptable?

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