BBNaija S7: Groovy Admits love for Chomzy

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BBNaija S7: Groovy admits love for Chomzy. Big Brother Naija’s level Two housemate, Groovy, has finally manned up and admitted his feelings for Level Two housemate, Beauty.

Groovy confesses love for Chomzy

Last night’s Saturday party unfolded lots of drama and budding relationships.

While in a heart-to-heart discussion with Daniella, Groovy confided that he likes Chomzy.

He stated that when it came to his relationship with Beauty, his emotions were in it, and he thought about being outside with her.

He, however, admitted that his feelings for Chomzy is still there.

According to him, with Beauty no longer in the picture, he realises that his feelings for the light-skinned beauty is still there, and he plans to let her know of it.

Manning up, Groovy poured out his hearts to Chomzy.

Chomzy also admitted that she likes Groovy while conversing with Chichi.

She stated that she likes Groovy and Eloswag.

Counselling her, Chichi told her to thread with caution.

Chomzy: I like Groovy and I like Eloswag

Chichi: Do you want to be with someone that you know has a girl just that the girl left the house

Chomzy: He spoke to me but told me not to tell anyone

Chichi: If a guy really like you he will not want you to keep it secret.

This is a confusing time for the two housemates as they have significant others for whom they also have feelings.

With Eloswag, Phyna, Amaka and Ilebaye in the picture, it would be hard for these lovebirds to blossom in love.

Kemi Filani news recalls Big Brother Naija Level Up housemates had been thrown into chaos as Beauty and Groovy had another messy fight over his flirtatious moves to Chomzy.

Their usual Saturday night party turned sour as Beauty confronted her boyfriend, Groovy, for dancing with Level 1 housemate, Chomzy.

Beauty had never hidden her displeasure for Chomzy and had warned her boyfriend not to get involved with her during the party.

Beauty accused him of dancing with Chomzy, whom she doesn’t consider her friend.

Groovy defended himself for the first time, saying he was on his lane when Chomzy approached him. He further stated that he had avoided the Level 2 housemate throughout the party though she was all over him.

Beauty didn’t buy his excuse as she affirmed that he was the one holding her and that she had embarrassed herself at the party by dragging him away from Chomzy.

Beauty told him that he could dance with other girls, except Chomzy, because of their beef, which remains unknown.

The argument continued through the night as housemates interfered.

Phyna, who was unhappy with Beauty for always seeing Chomzy as a threat, tried calming the situation. Unfortunately, the two clashed, as Beauty called Phyna a hypocrite.

Phyna took exception to the name-calling, and another round of argument would have ensued if not for the housemates who separated them.

Beauty also clashed with Amaka before Cyph stepped in and calmed the situation.

Meanwhile, in the level 1 house, Chomzy tried to decipher why Beauty disliked her.

Chomzy concluded that Beauty was intimidated by her presence, hence the constant fight with her.

However, Doyin brought Chomzy down from her high horse as she defended Beauty.

She stated that the Level 2 housemate was intoxicated, hence her behaviour.

Chomzy vowed to dance with Groovy and pepper Beauty at next Saturday’s party. However, her plans were futile as Beauty got disqualified.

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