BBNaija Day: An overview of Probable Level Up ‘Ships’

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Although there are no firm ships in the BBNaija Level Up House although speculations are surfacing occasionally, and the Level 2 House just so happens to be a hotbed of these discussions.

The discussion Amaka has with regards to the relationship between Beauty and Groovy is the most obvious of these exchanges although Ilebaye and Phyna were kind enough to investigate a few additional eligible relationship scenarios.

BBNaija Day: An overview of Probable Level Up 'Ships'


Pharmsavi and his love for Christy O were the topics of their initial discussion. They think that because she was a reserved person, he merely needs to act seriously to get her attention. They said that although he was attractive, he was frequently not serious. They continued by cracking jokes about his smile and how he could just tone things down.

After that, the two talked about Khalid, who they think has affections for Daniella. They do, however, think that she has a crush on Kess, creating a somewhat awkward triangle.

Again, Bryann participated in these discussions of ships as well, expressing to his fellow Housemates his intense desire to see Diana once more. If he learns she is with someone else, he will be devastated since he genuinely wants to get to know her.

Although Level 1 Housemates are also picking up on some things, we all know that Level 2 talks are the best for situationships. Many fans have been talking about Bella and Sheggz after seeing how they have changed over the last few days. Fans believe that even though the two have chatted and agreed to take things slowly, they may end up being the season’s first official ship.

Recently, Hermes and Allysyn spoke about his developing love for her. He admitted to being attracted to her sexually and supporting her happiness in a conversation with her. Then, she inquired about his plans for his other girlfriends outside of the House. However, who can blame her for asking?

We will undoubtedly watch for the first couple to declare their engagement. We hope you’re all prepared with a catchy name for them as well.

For the latest BBNAIJA revelation and twist, stick with this page as we bring it to your doorsteps “hot hot”. 

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