Bauchi State School of Health Tech Ningi Past Questions

Bauchi State School of Health Tech Ningi Past Question. Are you planning to partake in the upcoming Bauchi State School of Health Tech exams or aspiring to be a student of one of this institution in Nigeria? Then you definitely need a Bauchi State School of Health Tech Ningi Past Questions to help give you an insight of what to expect in the Examination.

In as much as you do not depend on past questions, your chances may be very slim in making this particular examination. Some facts gathered have shown that good percentage of students who score high in examinations make use of past questions. However others still manage to do well but the percentage is always very low.

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Why you need Bauchi State School of Health Tech Ningi Past Questions 

Past questions have a very high chance of being repeated in an exams. Matter of fact, there will always be past questions repeated in the examination. If that is the case, most students do not fail. It is important to solve past questions and answers adequately if you are serious about passing the upcoming exams.

Sample of Bauchi State School of Health Tech Ningi Past Questions 

1. A given mass of gas occupies 2 dm3 at 300k. At what temperature will its volume be doubled keeping the pressure constant?

A) 400k
B) 480k
C) 550k
D) 600k

2. Which of the following radiations have the longest wavelength?

A) Gamma rays
B) Infra-red
C) Light waves
D) Radio waves
E) Ultra-violet rays

3. Which of the following is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance?

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