Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions and Answers

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Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions and Answers

This PDF compilation comprises past questions and answers for Akwa Ibom State Teachers. It is intended to increase candidates’ chances of passing the next Akwa Ibom State Teachers recruitment screening.
Past Akwa Ibom State Instructors’ Questions

The date of the Akwa Ibom State Teachers Recruitment Aptitude Test will shortly be published, but you do not have to wait until then to begin studying. Get to bed and rise early. All the information necessary to pass this exam has been gathered into a single study guide and it is available here.

Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions

Samples of this study material

INSTRUCTION: After each of the sentences below, a list of possible interpretations of all or, part of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence.

1. The problem with Fatai is that he has a finger in every pie. This means that ___
(a) Fatai love eating all kind of pies
(b) Fatai is involved in too many activities
(c) Fatai prepares good pies
(d) Fatai steals things

2. Peter’s grandmother has kicked the bucket. This means that ___
(a) Peter’s grandmother is dead
(b) Peter’s grandmother is on admission in a hospital
(c) Peter’s grandmother is very strong
(d) Peter’s grandmother has retired from work.

3. I had a night out with Dickson. This means that ___
(a) Dickson and I spent the night reading
(b) Dickson and I had an evening of fun and enjoyment
(c) Dickson and I were awake all night
(d) Dickson and I quarreled all night.

4. I am going for a work out this evening. This means that ___
(a) I am planning to steal this evening
(b) I am going back to my office for work this evening
(c) I am going for physical exercise this evening
(d) I am going to visit a friend this evening.

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